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    Just a heads up for those that want to skip the WoD intro quests and start right at the garrison intro. There is a guide on wowhead explaining it in detail but you basically get the WoD quest from Chromie, go to the dark portal but do not talk to Khadgar, stand near the portal and drop all of your quests to empty your quest log, then walk through. From there you can start the garrison, or skip that and just fly to one of the quest hubs.

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    Every legion invasions world quests is around = 16% of a level and the bonus objectives gives the dobbel 32%
    at lv. 40+ that was 5.6k and 11.2K xp

    - BFA intro quest from 2.8K - 5.8K - BFA assault 8.4K
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    They just nerfed dungeon Boosting when the party is less than 5. @5 it's the same as before so that's good.

    dungeon experience is split by the group, but if the group is missing a player then the missing spot in the group still gets a share of the exp meaning it is lost. If the group is 1 player soloing, 4 shares of the exp is lost. Harsh.
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