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    Post Leveling Areas Summary Thread

    This thread is to document the most common areas in Classic WoW for leveling to cap (ideally via uploaded videos). The goal is to keep the information summarized in this top/initial post so people don't have to read the entire thread to see/find the info.

    Much of the info in here will content helpful for leveling which for 5boxers is mainly dungeon/raid instances or HyperSpawns. Most of the info will likely be for 5boxers but we can include info/examples for 10boxes and higher if there is interest.

    Please post submissions to the end of this thread. Note that you aren't limited to your own submissions. If you find a well documented run on youtube, twitch, in these forums, or elsewhere please post the links to the end of this thread.

    Some helpful links:

    List of Instances (Dungeons/Raids);
    List of HyperSpawns;
    Typical Leveling Paths to cap (includes links to guides);
    Miscellaneous information (catch all of things helpful);

    Videos of leveling areas on the way to cap (ideally showing XP/hour or time to completion or both):

    SM Graveyard

    4MP: (8:25 Stokes);

    SM Library

    4MP: (12:30 Stokes);

    SM Cathedral

    4MP: (12:05 Stokes);

    More pending (awaiting more submissions)...
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    End of reservations.

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    Default - graveyard - library - cathedral

    This was me while learning to play MMMMP while leveling. I enjoyed playing like an idiot so it really hurts the xp/hr.

    I can get 4 chars to 40-45 in ~2days (per character) played now through boosting through cath/arm/lib. I haven't learned mara, yet. You would have to average >30-40k xp/hr an hour to out compete a mediocre booster (i.e. me).

    I'm following this strat for all my teams from here on out:

    Pet boost to 10 -> sfk boost to 20 -> sm boost to mid 40s -> mara boost to early 50s -> dungeon carry with my geared toons for preraid BiS while shuffling through rested.

    If dungeon cap / resets are an issue. I'd just pet boost straight to 20 to avoid the down time from the ~20-30 SFK resets it takes to get to 20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by strokes View Post
    [multiple videos] ... I enjoyed playing like an idiot so it really hurts the xp/hr.
    ...I'm following this strat for all my teams from here on out:

    Pet boost to ...
    Thanks for the submissions. I thought they were great and it is nice to see some imperfections in runs as it makes things more human and helps folk learn what things may trip them up. I thought it was interesting to see you drive your 4MP from the Healer.

    For Healing are you using VuhDo?

    Is the mage marked yellow with the star that way because you skipped the aggro talents on that mage or something so you could know in advance where most of the incoming damage would be?

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    Yes. Early on, I found that having one mage with 0/2 arcane subtlety and another with 1/2 focused the damage better. If you holy nova every pull, it actually slows you down. Knowing which mages were most likely to get whacked made preempting heals a lot smoother. 1-30 is more about managing your drinks / pulls than anything else. If I had to do it again, I would just buy all my food/water. Drinking/Buffing/Creating water is, no joke, a third of your playtime... especially if you die.

    Around ~40+ the elites just start hitting too hard so I go 2/2 on everyone. You want to spread the damage at this point because pulling 3-4 packs with a mage doing 30% more aggro just ends up with a dead mage.

    I like leading with priest because they can just eat the first hit of every mob and be fine. It really smooths out the pulls. The mages will pick up threat immediately after. Aiming cone is a bit of a pain, but I just use it as I run through things.

    I like using vuhdo. It facilitates me playing my healers exclusively with my mouse and my dps entirely with my left hand. This way I can keep a mostly universal keymap to hotswap my dps/heals in and out.
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