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    Default Innerspace settings doesn't reflect settings within isboxer suite?

    Dont know if any of you else have noticed:

    But if you start "innerspace" and then right-click the icon in the tray, then go to "configuration".. then check the current settings within the panes named "FPS limiter"... and "game configuration" (after choosing "World of Warcraft" in the dropdown menu in there)... the fps limits and direct-x settings you previously set and exported within isboxer suite, arent reflected in Innerspace ?

    Its good practice to check that the innerspace settings are what you want them to be, as you might have "untapped performance" possible to unlock? *once settings were altered, they did stick though.

    The back story:
    I recently set up a new team using my "main game" on "ultra settings" in 1080p with 144hz and 144 fps, dirext-x12 and the "slaves games" on 1080p, settings 1 (also using slot swap macro), 30 fps background. When i checked innerspace.. it showed 60 fps front, 25 fps background.

    Anyone else got any details on this?
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