I still haven't had 1 toon DC - not in recent memory at least (US, East Coast - 5-boxing on Classic).

(unrelated I think, but I got my 1st ever bot check this week. I had 3 of my chars on Yojomba island summoning guildies there for buffs - then all of a sudden, both of my summoning clickers were ~30 yards out in the water). I hadn't been paying that much attention to my other monitor for maybe 30 seconds, so I didn't see what happened. I just looked up noticed them both treading water somehow. At first I thought I may have mis-clicked something. But I don't even have blink key bound, and they were far more than what 2-3 blinks could have done. Seemed odd, but I just swam them back to position and went about my day - no other issues.)