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    hey op check this out
    World of Warcraft — Slot-Swap Video Settings (BFA/Legion)

    i am nowhere near as knowledgeable as WOWBOX40 about specs though, so if you don't want to change your settings, then i'd ask him what you need to do.
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    So I turned my setting down to 7 and the game runs pretty flawlessly. There are very rare moments of similar wierd lag, but more than managable. Seems like I may have reached the limitations of my CPU. I've been putting it off as long as I could, but looks like it maybe time to upgrade. Thanks for the help.

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    When I made this post, I wasn't using ISboxer. I was just opening 3 accounts and Alt+Tabn full screen on 4k max every setting possible. That worked fine with 2 accounts, but 3 made Tabn clunky. I DLed ISboxer and left all settings default going through the wizard. Now this might be a no brainer to most of you, but my game runs much smoother with ISboxer. Aside from the obvious game play comforts of ISboxer, I was able to turn my settings back to max, game runs flawlessly, and my load times are back to normal.

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