Hello multi boxers! I came from 6 boxing FFXI and used a completely set of tools created by the community. Brand new to HKN, but have caught on to some of the code and enjoying the learning process.

I'm having some issues with broadcasting my mouse clicks to ALL instances of Rift. I'm able to get each instance renamed (some manually) RIft doesn't seem to like multi screens, or I am doing something completely wrong. Here is my script:

<hotkey ScrollLockOn Ctrl R> <SendPC local>
<RenameWin "Rift" rift1>
<RenameWin "Rift" rift2>
<RenameWin "Rift" rift3>
<RenameWin "Rift" rift4>
<RenameWin "Rift" rift5>
<RenameWin "Rift1" rift4>
<RenameWin "Rift2" rift5>

<Label r1 Local SendWinsf rift1>
<Label r2 Local SendWinsf rift2>
<Label r3 Local SendWinsf rift3>
<Label r4 Local SendWinsf rift4>
<Label r5 Local SendWinsf rift5>

<Hotkey ScrollLockOn b,v, 0-9, Plus, Minus, F1-F11, oem6>
<SendLabel r1, r2, r3, r4, r5>
<Key %Trigger%>

<MovementHotkey ScrollLockOn space, x>
<SendLabel r1, r2, r3, r4, r5>
<Key %Trigger%>

<usekeyasmodifier oem3>

<hotkey ScrollLockOn oem3 LButton, MButton, RButton, Button4, Button5>
<SendLabel r1, r2, r3, r4, r5>
<Clickmouse %Triggermainkey%>

<hotkey pgup>
<TargetWin rift1>
<SetWinSize 1360 768>
<SetWinPos 0 0>
<TargetWin rift2>
<SetWinSize 1360 768>
<SetWinPos 560 320>
<TargetWin rift3>
<SetWinSize 1360 768>
<SetWinPos 1928 0>
<TargetWin rift4>
<SetWinSize 1360 768>
<SetWinPos 2160 200>
<TargetWin rift5>
<SetWinSize 1360 768>
<SetWinPos 2540 315>
When my main targets an npc, I attempt to assist, but not all will target. The mouse seems to want to crawl to a different position, or even window sometimes. I have an in game macro to assist in the same slot on every instance. I even exported my main's UI and imported on the others to be sure.

The window positions above have 2 on one monitor, and 3 on the other. Any ideas?