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    Default Twol Different Issues that I am having.

    I am having 2 totally different issues, and I have been waiting to ask about.

    1) I am questing in Classic WoW, 5 Boxing Hunters. I am using ISBoxer & EMA-Classic as my main addons. As of today, I have done 3 escort quests, and only my #1 Slot person gets credit for the quest. All 5 toons are in a party, all accept the quest at the same time. We kill everything from the time we get the quest until the end, and only the first toon will get credit. I am not sure why this is happening.

    2) I do not know where to start looking for this, because I think I caused this issue. While boxing, I am unable to use the letters J or U, unless I have the all caps turned on. When I am running solo, this is not an issue. I have no idea what I screwed up or when, but I would like some help figuring out how to fix it if possible.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this post.



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    1) I would assume that's something to do with how escort quest credit works in classic, which I have no idea about, but I'm pretty sure it's got nothing to do with addons.

    2) You'll probably need to link your provide a link to your isboxer profile for that:
    "Show me your config. In ISBoxer go to the File menu, select "Copy ISBoxer Toolkit Profile to Clipboard", then go to paste it there, and post the link to it here."

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    Good Morning,

    Here is a link to my profile.

    Thanks for any help and assistance you might be able to give.



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    The reason your J and U keys are not working is because they are bound in IsBoxer. So whenever you press that button in game, it will trigger in IsBoxer.

    Your J key is mapped to Face Toward Target
    Your U key is mapped to Generated by Mapped Key Wizard with 'Straight Key Broadcast'

    You can either disable mapped keys while you need those keys, but this will disable your entire IsBoxer Setup, or you can rebind those keys to a key you want/don't use.

    If you ever want to know if you bound a key and can't find it in IsBoxer, open your profile in a textEditor and search for <key>The key you want to look for</key> e.g. <key>U</key>.

    As far as the escort quest go. These were a pain in the butt in Vanilla and they still are in Classic. You want to make sure your characters are all on the same step of the escort and depending on whether the escort begins as soon as you accept, or you get a menu option you want to either accept on 1 and share to your team or accept on all and then start the escort.

    Whether or not you get credit is not something you can really help with. Like I said, they were a pain in vanilla and they still are.
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    Escort quests - took me a while to figure that out in Classic as well. Just start the quest on 1 char and the others will get a pop up if they want to join the quest. You can also use EMA-Classic addon to auto-accept escort quests.

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    ^ just make sure that they're all at the point where they can accept the quest. Often there's a pre-req that has to be turned in 1st, before you're eligible to accept the new quest. So that can cause problems with EMA when auto-accept and auto-turn in are both enabled. I remember at least 2x having 1/2 my team turn in and start the escort, but the other 1/2 didn't complete the turn in fast enough so now they're locked out. Sometimes you can just abandon the escort and start it over with everyone.

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    Hey Gorilla,

    I can remember back in vanilla wow there were many escort quests that I had to manually do with 1 character at a time. If I remember correctly, which I may not as it's been so many years, there was a quest inside Razorfen Krawl you could do after defeating the last boss that took you down into an area with boars roaming around that I always had to finish once per character.

    This also could have just been because way back then the tools / addons we had were pretty limited (mid 2005) for myself. I can remember having a full hardware setup.

    As for your keybinds inside ISboxer something I do is create an "Admin" Keymap Group, where I'll have a keymap "Enable Keymaps" toggle. Inside this Enable Keymaps toggle, I'll list all my other Keymap Groups with an on/off state bound to that key.

    This allows me to quickly turn everything off when needed, chatting with others etc... I can remember many times years ago that I would be chatting or something and all of a sudden my guys go running off on me because I inadvertently hit a bound key without having the text input on chat box open

    I'm not sure if ISBoxer has something like this already pre-configured for it's users in a default setup/style. I've been a user for so long I'm pretty set in my methods of how I go about creating new keymaps / teams.

    If this is something that you think would be helpful but cant figure it out, just let me know and I can share a demo profile for you.

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    Good Evening,

    I tried something different today. I had another escort quest in Searing Gorge. I turned off EMA before the quest, and all of the other toons were asked if they wanted to join/accept the quest. Could I have a setting wrong in EMA?

    Thanks for any help.



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