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    Default Alliance - Best Racials for Casters-Team in BG?


    I want to start an alliance 5man caster team in SL for BGs. What do you think is the best alliance race for a caster team in BGs?

    I consider to take Void elf (no pushback and a teleport ) or is Human the better pick?

    Any other ideas?


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    Casters are pretty limited because you need IWT to do well. Hypothetically you can do any caster but not being able to face the target is going to be a problem.
    This leaves you with Druids or Shamans.
    Best race for Druids is probably Night Elf for Shadowmeld.
    Shamans is a toss up.

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    arcane missile follows/turns with your target which is nice
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    nelf by far, shadowmeld is too good. Void elf teleporting is clunky for boxing.

    Shadow Priest is looking great, and you can use the turn key to group face targets, have been doing that since vanilla. Can also macro an About-Face for your whole team and the range of view for casting is completely covered. Now chasing down targets isnt going to happen, but if they are running away than you are controlling your pvp objective. Shadowmeld can help you mount quicker sometimes in an emergency.

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