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    Default Multiboxing / GSE / Auto repeat keyboards & mice.

    Looking for some advice - Is this bannable?

    A lot of people use GSE (Gnome Sequencer Enhanced) to create spam able rotation macros, which they then then attach to a repeatable auto button on their mouse / keyboard (I have a Logitech G502 mouse) and this seems to be allowed as part of Blizzards TOS. According to lazymacros website, no one has been banned for it. Basically users click the button on to spam a pre set macro rotation- which is great for people with disabilities or prone to repetitive strain injury.

    My question is this - Is using this auto spam button allowed when combined with multiboxing? Can I send this auto rotation signal to all my accounts or is this classed as botting?

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    It goes against the "one action = one keypress" principle. It is bannable. Even if as far as you know no one has been banned for it, it does not mean it's not against the rules, and that you cannot be banned for doing it.

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    No it's not allowed as part of Blizzards TOS. As Unk says: Blizzard rule is that each keypress ingame must have a corresponding hardware action.

    Of course Blizzard is not going after every player who has GSE with auto-repeat. Exactly for the reason you give that some players can have limited capability to press buttons. So if you are just playing normally and using it for combat rotation they are not going to ban you out of the blue.

    However, if you are stand-still farming with 5+ toons and have only 1 key held down then you can't expect it to last long. As soon as anyone reports you then the investigation will pretty obviously conclude "automation".

    Quote Originally Posted by dlewis3319 View Post
    According to lazymacros website, no one has been banned for it.
    Where is that written? Who wrote it? How could they know? Blizzard confirms ban with only generic reasons, and would never say explicitly "you were banned for having auto-repeat on". Only Blizzard would have comprehensive records of this.

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    Ok thanks all for your feedback.

    I took the my understanding from the Lazymacros post -

    "I need to be 100% clear on bots. In no way shape or form do we endorse, recommend or encourage any activity that is in any way related to botting or unattended play of WoW. Those actions are against WOW’s terms of service and we will not promote any activity that is contravenes these limitations.

    GSE is a mod to WoW. It only uses WoW’s API (Application Programming Interface - the functions Blizzard says Mods can programatically) and has no out of game elements. It requires a hardware action for each action it takes and can only perform one GCD (Global Cool Down) action per hardware event. It can look at events like procs and buffs but it cannot directly act on those. People ask us from time to time for “perfect rotation” macros GSE cant do that. GSE excels in taking some of the kludge work out but to get a perfect rotation you, the player, the human behind the keyboard and mouse, will still need to make some decisions on when to use a special ability to perfectly min/max the situation. You can be lazy and script these abilities into your macro and still be useful but you may miss special phases in a fight (eg Evocation time for Curator). These key differences are what makes GSE different to a bot: it uses no third party elements, it cant make decisions and it can only perform one action per hardware event.

    What happens next is the grey line. Hardware manufacturers like Razer and Logitech include tools with their keyboards to be able to program the keyboard to a certain extent. These can be configured that when you hold down a key it will send multiple hardware events to WoW. Software applications like AutoHotKey, PunchKey, Keyboard Maestro and some home grown Java code available on these forums can also perform the same behaviours. What we know is that when these tools are used to remove the RSI (Repetative Strain Injury) inducing behaviours of spamming the same keyboard button over and over. No one has been banned for using these tools in this behaviour.

    Some of these tools however have the ability to do more than cause a button to repeat over and over. Some of them can detect pixels at locations and then perform decisions. You as an individual may choose to use these functions but know that by doing so you are in violation of WoW’s ToS and do so at your own risk. We as a community will not tolerate any posts or discussions on macros written in third party tools like those mentioned above “to give the perfect rotation” as it moves us from the grey line over it onto the wrong side of WoW ToS. If tools like the ones above are abused and then enforced it makes the game less enjoyable for a lot of people for a minimal advantage.

    Speaking now solely for myself as the author of GSE, I have spent a lot of time trying to find where the boundaries are. I have probed to see if there were ways around then within the confines of what is available to be used in game. If you use another mod and it has a way around those constraints I will endeavor to incorporate those abilities into GSE. However I can only do this if that mod is also playing by the rules. It would be awesome to be able to write proc based macros and have the perfect rotation. In my case I could spend more time worrying about fight mechanics."

    Sorry for my ignorance, im just trying to understand where the grey lines are

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    GSE is perfectly fine to use as it's operating within the confines of Lua.

    The grey area is autofiring your GSE macros. To put it quite simply if you lift your hands off your keyboard & mouse and your characters keep doing things, that's automating/botting.
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