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    Default My shaman 5 man setup - am i mad?

    I thought i would get it out there as its totally bonkers but personally i think it works for me.

    My setup is 4x tank spec shaman with a resto shaman, tanks round robin threat and semi off heal/off tank.

    Mana and health stream totems do wonders in rotation etc

    This is gear dependant due to the lack of gear but obviously the main attribute for me is agility, stamina. etc

    Tanking is a breeze, and damage is divided heavily.

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    Up to level 40 you can just go with 5 enhancement shamans and use one as a 2h tank with rockbiter weapon, 5 grounding and stoneclaw totems are all the survivability you need, after that spec 4 of them elemental and start buying mage water so you can heal the tank without resetting your weapon swings

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    Quite a bit of 5S talk lately in the ISboxer Discord's #wow_classic channel. Could maybe ping ideas off in there as well.

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    I did level 5 ele shamans, all the way to 60 + more- I had no problem to clean the dungeons- a lot of burst dmg and self heals, i have total of 6x shamans.
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    Just started 5 shammies too!
    5,8,10 boxing wow with DynamicBoxer for isboxer, give it a try!
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    do you play 5 ele or 4 ele + 1 resto ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyton View Post
    do you play 5 ele or 4 ele + 1 resto ?
    All 5 (or 10) of mine were all Ele/Resto but I did usually have at least 1 more Resto than Ele. Personally I preferred 4+Tank (or 9+Tank or 8+2 Tanks) over straight 5S or 10S (unless PVP). They are OKish in Classic and get better in TBC...

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    This has been one of my favorite classic teams tbh. I leveled 4 enhanc and 1 resto till about BRD, then found aggro spread to be a bit troublesome so tried out a "tank" shaman with lots of agility/stam gear running 1h and shield with rockbiter. I set it up for this shaman to earthshock while the dps shams used frostshock and he held aggro really well overall.

    Worked absolutely fantastic as I initiated into endgame dungeons. As I did that I worked on the shaman's prebis ele set and when 90% done that swapped them all over to ele. It's so fun and with the ele shams having a shield they're surprisingly tanky, the only issue is that they're eternally thirsty . I've finished all dungeons with them and was playing them weekly with my friends in ZG and overall they were quite competitive (we arent doing 40 mans on that server so our gear is mostly prebis and pvp stuff).

    Really excited about taking this team into TBC, it's an absolute blast! Nothing like x5 EM+ZHC+chainlightning and earthshock combo to delete mobs in dungeons :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnomepower View Post
    Really excited about taking this team into TBC, it's an absolute blast! Nothing like x5 EM+ZHC+chainlightning and earthshock combo to delete mobs in dungeons :P.
    thought i read that TBC was coming sooner than expected, and really nothing compares to 5 ele shamans, they just oneshot with chain lightning. It was the peak of wow multiboxing power imo. Everything they do just stacks.

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    my shaman team is approaching 50 and I have slowly bought cheap +nature damage gear off the auction house over the last few soon as they hit 54 I can basically swap from enhance to some ~200 spellpower ele shamans with no stats whatsoever ...will see how that works out

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