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Thread: "Beta" EMA 9.0

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    Default "Beta" EMA 9.0

    hello so here where we are with EMA on 9.0 if anyone is playing on ptr/beta

    this has been requested:

    post any problems you find here on github thanks!


    EMA Version: v9.0.0-Beta-v3.0(0146-0149)
    Game Version: 9.0.0
    Release Date: TBA

    ## 9.0 Initial release

    ### Known issues
    - ItemBar is not working at all, and lua errors
    - Quest Not UnTracking right from quest-tracker

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    I keep waiting for a beta invite on my other bnet.. no luck.. i really want to test boxing.. even if its only 2
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    Thanks for working on this ebony. Ema is really amazing and I don't think I could box without it.

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