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    Default Cpu cache

    I'm searching to see what I need most for multi-boxing
    I wanted to know if L3 cache is important for multiboxing
    I don't know if i should get i7 9700k (8cores,8threads, about 12 mg cache) or Ryzen 5 3600x (6cores.12threads,about 32mg cache)
    Consider every other thing (PC parts)at peak and i just want to know which one will give me More boxes

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    11th gen CPUs out for intel in sept. I think only the mobil CPUs first, am hoping the desktop cpus come out soon after. but from the leaks, sounds like a great increase in all areas. I am also going to build a new PC and will be purchasing the next NVIDIA flagship, even if it costs 2k lol. But i don't want to stick it in something until i see whats in store for new MBs and such.
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