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    Default Toons equipment management during leveling

    Hello all,

    I was wondering what you use to manage your team's gear during leveling. How I do it currently is go over each toon and check the bags for upgrades, but it's quite tedious and feels like a waste of time as I don't really care about optimizing gear, I only need it to be not too far behind compared to the content I'm doing.

    I was looking for an addon that would equip whichever item has the highest ilvl automatically when looted or rewarded by a quest, without replacing heirlooms. I've tried GearHelper and AutoEquip but they don't seem to work as expected, and are missing the heirloom part.

    Any idea how I could make this process quicker and easier ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Personally, I'm old school and I just look things over, but, in the past, people have used an add-on called "Pawn" to try and manage it. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't take multiple party/raid members into account, at least by default, when providing feedback on gear.
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    I use the "itemleveldisplay" addon. It can show the items ilvl on it. You can choose the threshold under "bags", in the addons options.
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    Thanks for your answers, I ll try those out

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    I tried the addon AutoGear the last days and it work's perfekt for me.
    It equips the best gear, depending on statweights and can even pick the best quest rewards for you.
    For the statweights you can choose to either use the build in or use a pawn string.
    There are some fine options to tailor it around your needs. For example it prints me a message if a new item got equiped or not, and why / why not.
    It even takes talent / specc changes in condition and rescans the bags for upgrades.

    I haven't done some simcrafts as my toons are not 50 sofar, but it seem like that the picked items are the best.
    If you need some help setting it up, just ask. But it is most intuitive.

    Hope i could help you

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