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Thanks. Your replies and research are helping me nail down my picks. I think I'm going 5 druids as my main team. They just seem solid, I enjoyed them in BfA, and they seem to be the way to go still.

As for my alt team, I'm going a main tank + 4 shaman. What's a recommendation for alliance race for the shaman? And Pally tank vs DH tank for that team?
I would go with Dwarves, probably the new Wildhammer customization, it looks amazing, but so do Dark Iron dwarves. Dwarves have a very slight dps advanage. I dont think alliance shaman races have any decent utility like a lot of the horde races.

Pally tank is just leagues above DH for boxing. If you dont care about all of the utility and ease of use a pally brings, then DH has better mitigation and chaos brands 5% magic debuff is great, but they require much more focus in SL's than a pally to be efficient and have trouble with aggro on packs that exceed the aoe caps, while pally has the best aoe snap aggro of all tanks.