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    Default How many instances my PC can handle ?

    Hey, im new here. Want to try multibox but before buying subscription i wanted to know how many instances my PC can handle.

    cpu: i3 7100 3.90GHz 2 cores 4 threads
    gpu: nvidia geforce GTX 1050ti 4GB
    memory: 8GB DDR4-2132 (1066 MHz)
    1 TB HDD, no SSD

    Thanks for helping me out

    edit: and can you tell me difference between using dx11 legacy and dx11 ?
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    Its time to get a new pc and retire the one you got. What you got is barely a single instance machine. And no ssd :/ (shadowlands has upped its min req to include a ssd).

    If your pc died today, what kind of budget would you have for a new one?

    That being said, you could use that pc to play two accounts, to get the feel for how the basics works. The second account will have to run at "lowest settings" and directx11legacy and max 1080p. You could probably push it to 3 games (slot swap macroes needed), but it wouldnt be enjoyable imo.

    Feel free to list the spesific names of all your components, inkl pc case and monitor. Maybe we could advice on upgrades so you can upgrade it over time, if money is really tight.
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    First of all thanks for interesting. Dont remember name of pc case, i have hdmi BENQ monitor and motherboard h110m-D. I was thinking about upgrading cpu to i7 7700 4.2 GHz (not sure but as i know my motherboard not supporting ryzen AMD, maybe i can change motherboard for this but new motherboard must support GPU and RAMs), 250 GB SSD and one more 8 GB ram. This setup would be enough for 5 instances, what you think and what is your suggestions ?

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    This will provide a ok 3man and lots of fun and you will plow thru normal content, daily quests, world quests etc.

    Id recommend starting out with 3 bm hunters, using tank pets

    You may need to upgrade the bios though, before installing the cpu.

    (I used to play 5 at 1080p with lowest settings, with a 4core/8thread, 32gb ram and a 6gb vram gpu. But you will need to use swap slot macros and limit fps. I wouldnt do that again though, even if i got the pc for free. Now i use a amd 3900x cpu, 32 gb RAM, 1tb M.2 NVMe ssd and a radeon RX 5700 XT gpu with 8 gb vram for each 5man = pure bliss).
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