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    This is why I'd love to see others macro's. Mine is simply a GSE Macro converted to ISBoxer. I know for a fact I'm not weaving Barbed Shot correctly, my Hunters just dump it all out at the start. Once they get going though they seem to pull of pretty reasonable DPS.

    I assume you mean AoE Barazanthul? I use one key as my ST DPS macro. Another does AoE. All this does on my Hunters is simply weave in a multi-shot when I press it. My Pally simply does the same rotation as her ST one and my Shaman gives priority to FS/Lava Burst and weaves in Chain Lightning instead of Lightning Bolt.

    I think my Hunters try and destroy everything on screen because as I mash my DPS key if my Paladin can 'see' targets in her field of view and I hit any ability that needs a target she targets it and this gets passed to my team with auto-assist. I simply have to be very careful about stopping DPS as the last mob is dying, again this is not great and I'm not sure how to fix this. Would Sticky Target in options help?

    The better solution and safer one is probably stripping out IWT ->Melee and Auto-Assist to another separate button.

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    I meant to post this yesterday to further hone in the point on this team. If your goal is to do high end mythic. Out of the known teams that I have tested this is by far the strongest. On a +13 it literally just chewed through the enemies. I should have +3'd this one.

    Teams I have tested:
    Prot Pal / 4x Enhance
    Prot Pal / 4x Ele
    Prot Pal / 3x BM Hunters / Resto Shaman
    Guardian Tank / 4x Balance

    Still need to test an all tank setup, but our of the comps I have used. It's very strong and is staying that way.

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