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    Default Disenchanting on retail?

    It's been a while since I've played retail and when I last played, you could simply have one disenchanter and then whenever you rolled on items, you could simply roll to have it auto-disenchanted. This seems to have been removed so I'm wondering if there's some other way to easily disenchant items across toons?

    Is Disenchanting just not worth the hassle anymore?

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    Yeah the torture of legacy/personal loot has removed that ability. You can only disenchant your own loot now and items that are completely traded to you (that is generally items that are not an item level upgrade)

    At this point it might be the case that disenchanting isn't worth doing, but when the expansion comes it will be renewed as normal.

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    It's always pretty handy to have your own enchanter, so unless the point is purely gold, then I wouldn't feel too discouraged about running one. You could always set an addon up to automatically mail all the BOEs to your enchanter and sell the soulbound items that are under a certain ilvl. EMA can do this for example.

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    Other than my druids, who i use for gathering, all my teams have enchanting on every toon. I then have one of every trade represented so i can make my own stuff. I found it useful, specially in the start of an expansion, to be able to DE quest items and blues and epics from dungons i cant equip. AT the start, it makes good gold as well. Ill sell most the stuff i collect for the first few months.
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