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    Default Guide: Accessories Essentials for WoW


    1. Hivemind Mount
    2. Loot-a-rang
    3. EMA / Jamba
    4. Heirlooms / Mounts / Transmog - shared with Battlenet ID

    This may be common knowledge to some but all of these items are huge quality of life improvements to your gameplay that are so apparent if you just start the game.
    Feel free to add more!

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    Can i mog it? and Mogit (have i learned this item/visual before?)

    Championcommander and Garrison Mission manager (finish quests (spam spacebar)+ send out optimal teams (based on your criteria) from missiontables etc with just a few clicks).

    Collectionshop (search the AH to quickly find/see the items / toys / visuals etc you havent learned)

    Deadly boss Mods. (DBM) Bossmod.

    Decursive (get notified if someonething needs to be dispelled, decursed etc).

    eAlign updated (places a grid on your screen, so you can much faster align any windows etc across multiple games / to safisfy your own solo needs).

    Fastercamera (scrolling mouse up and down zooms very fast if you like).

    gmLazyDelete (delete items without the confirmation popup, use at own risk).

    GTFO (gives you a visual and sound warning if you stand in bad stuff, that does damage to you).

    Handynotes (with plugins) (shows rares, treasures, events etc etc on the map).

    IceHUD (config it so that it shows the hp bars and mana bars etc on the sides of your character, so you dont have to check playerframe / raidframe).

    Improved loot frame (shows all loot in one frame, dont have to press the arrow to reveal more).

    Itemleveldisplay (shows the value of the ilvl on the items in your bags. Very handy, to quickly find the best items / new items. You can customize it a lot aswell, f.ex, to just show the numbers on ilvl items above 450). Also: say you are farming lots of old school raids, then when you are done and have full bags: its very easy to see the items you want to have and which you can safely just vendor.

    Mapcoords (shows coords on the map).

    Moveanything (allows you do move frames where you like).

    New openables (show the items that you can open, where you like. F.ex if you looted a item that you can open/use, it shows it where you like, f.ex under your feet, so you can quickly see if you got a item you can open. Left click it to open. Make it a bit larger too, so you can easily scan all the slaves for new items. You can ignore / add items to blacklist aswell). Handy to enable broadcast then left click to open on all.

    Postal (a much better way to open mail, than the default version).

    Questplates (shows the number of kills still needed and any questitems you need to get / use in the quest, info located above the mobs head). ALSO: if you are in a party etc, even if you completed the quest, and 1 toon didnt, f.ex lacked 2 items.. it will still show 2... on your mains screen.. very handy).

    Rarescanner (find rares etc, its similar to npcscan and Silverdragon).

    Sexymap (lovely minimap addon).

    Skinner (change how the game frames look).

    Weakauras (or Tellmewhen) (create custom tracking for spells etc etc, complex to learn, but very rewarding).

    TipTac (tooltip addon: can show yours and others talents, who they are targeting etc).

    Tradeskillmaster (AH addon + ability to create custon mail operations: so you can quickly send mail to wherever you like, with a few clicks).

    World quest list (shows the quests in the zone and you can filter them how you like). Zoom all the way out to the world map, to quckly search the entire game to find the quests you want to do). Also, you can click on a quest on the map and you can create a "group finder event" for that quest, with 1 click / find anyone else who has made a quest for that quest.

    Macro to quickly tag ANY enemy in range and in front of you (very handy for all sorts of situations, like f.ex waiting for a quest rares / rare mob to spawn / testing out a new spot to farm (dont have to create custom /target spesificnameofmob macros)):

    /targetenemy [noharm]
    /cast nameofyourinstantspell
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    Great vid Multi!

    I find TrufiGCD super handy for making sure that all my chars are performing the actions I expect them to. It gives you panels showing the last (n) spell(s) used by each party member that you can position next to your unit frames or wherever you like. It's useful for example when you're spamming some cooldown and want quick visual confirmation that it's gone off.
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    Ahh I had no idea what that addon was and always wondered, thank you!

    Super good info as well Wowbox Hopefully this info stays current going into SL!

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    I'd like to add an addon suggestion, Plater Nameplates.

    It's useful in a mythic plus dungeon, as it highlights some unitframes that need your attention, such as "a knot of snakes" in Temple of Sethralis.

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    FarmHud is amazing for when I'm just farming stuff - basically turns your mini-map into a kind of radar that just shows nodes and lays it over your main screen. Combine with GatherMate2 and it's easy farms.

    ElvUi and Bagnon are my other favorites.

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