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    Default Gearing multiple groups - Breaking the ilvl 440 barrier!

    Hi All,

    Not posted in a while - now running 10x Druids (I play wPvP so 10x Guardian Druids as all tank is the only viable comp at ilvl 440 IMO with current wPvP state of play).

    Anyway, I've now got 3x teams of 10x and I've hit the same barrier on them all - getting past ilvl 440 in a reasonable way.

    Is there any advice people have?

    My current regime is;

    • World Boss (even though I know it's just going to drop the same ring!)
    • Greater and Lesser Assault for the 435 Cache
    • Any 430+ Emissaries
    • If I'm bored - any 420 world quests

    I've not tried visions on the Druids as in my previous teams I've found the mechanics difficult to cope with at 370k HP.

    My druids currently sit around 780k HP in bear form and have VERY good survivability (in wPvP it's insane) but their damage output is ok in PvE and difficult in wPvP (outside of flames they have zero burst and cleanse means my moonfire that has so much potential is useless, 10x applications cleared in one Druid/Monk/Pally cleanse).

    Is there anything I can do as a party (2x runs) that's worth the effort for gear?

    Eg is M+ worth running as tanks?

    I don't mind putting the effort in, just struggling to find an activity that rewards gear above 440 ilvl that can be boxxed!

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    Last week (doesn't help this week) had a 460 piece for running 4 mythic 0 dungeons. The Heroic Darkshore Warfront guarentees a 460 piece as well, and this rotates I think once every month or less?

    Visions have been a great source of ilvl gain as well, but working them up takes a bit as you won't get good rewards until you can fully clear.
    It's important to try and run mythic + / visions because you get currency from them. The Titan Residuum has 450 / 465 / 480 pieces that are all quite affordable as time goes on, it's the main way I've upgraded my azerite gear (head/shoulders/chest), as the 450 piece is I think only 175. So make sure your scrapping the pieces (head/shoulder/chest) you don't use. Once you complete a higher mythic+ though it gives you a ton more.

    The Emissaries will start rewarding 445 gear once your ilvl is a little higher up.
    Can always farm gold and see if there is any pieces that are cheap in the AH.

    You'll eventually hit a wall though and the only option is Raid / Mythic + / Visions. As right now most of my teams are in the 465-474 range. Things get further complicated because you then need the right secondary stats on items and the right corruptions, so it feels bad when a 450 piece is better than a 470. On top of that you want sockets too, which you'll get by running a lot of visions.

    I think you'll be able to squeeze up to 460 though over time if you don't run these activities.

    To further answer your bolded question, mythic + is definitely worth it and the weekly chest reward is the main boost.

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    Fastest way for non-raider boxer, IMO, is conquest. If all you do is the weekly call of arms quests, you will get 500 once per week ( you get a il445, and eventually a 460 piece at each 500 conquest cap ) There are a few other ways to get conquest each day. The Assaults give 60. and if you find the secret chest you get 50 more ( chest only give conquest once a day). Battle For Nazjatar gives 50.00 and happens very 3 hours (can be as soon as two hours if it spawns at the start of the third hour from last battle. If you are Alliance you will win every battle for Naz thanks to Ruin Gaming ( google them ) They field thousands of players every battle some days. But only lose in phases they get to late ( after winning the first rounds ) IF then. I know.. Horde HATE ruin gaming because they lag the shit out of the zone when waiting for battle to start lol. also, If you are on an under populated side ( mostly alliance ) there is a weekly quest to kill 25 enemy players. There is a supply crate that drops about once every 45mins or hour in Nazjatar that gives 75 Conquest, rewards the conquest first time you loot it once per day. Yes, you can loot one secret supply and one Naz crate per day, 125 right there alone.

    The only way to farm conquest without daily caps or limits is doing Rated BGs(lose or win), winning normal BGs, Arenas and Island Expeditions PvP ( also get points for losing based on how well you did.)

    I have 2 teams in all 460+ from only doing conquest. 5 druids and 5 paladins, but all my teams are in 445+ from conquest and WQs. IF you focus on one team, you can get that team geared up in a reasonable amount of time by only doing conquest related activities every day.
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    Very nice Lyonheart, that's a very effective way of gearing out as well and also potentially lots of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    Very nice Lyonheart, that's a very effective way of gearing out as well and also potentially lots of fun.
    Forgot to mention, when you get a piece for conquest cap reward, you get to choose between 4 different pieces of the same slot ( so 4 helms for example ) so its easy to maximize your traits. Also, i have 2 full azerite sets for each team because the rewards circle back around. My palies have full ret and prot sets and druids have balance and bear sets. If your strating late ( like now ) the 500 conquest cap is repeatable until you catch up..but you will have multi sets and every slot filled with 460 and 465 for the 3 azerite pieces, long before you reach the current week. To plan out what rewards to take each week.. here is a handy guide CONQUEST REWARDS
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    Really good info thanks - Not sure what I'm going to try first.

    Can I really quickly ask - what's the weekly Call of Arms quest? I've seen it mentioned a few times.

    Also - Titan Residuum, do you get this from lower M+ too? When I had a look on wowhead it seemed to only start listing it as a reward from +10.

    Currently having a blast with Druids, killed 8 fully geared players that jumped me last night (it's a slow fight as you have to burn the healers manor down) – but when you’re killing multiple Gladiators who have a group against you.. you know you’re FotM comp!

    Just need a little more ilvl for more damage for coming up against my nemesis (Warlocks with ilvl 470) as their damage breaks my 10x Protector of the Pack build (it makes the best melee players in the game useless! – damage spread across 10x 870k HP toons and brambles hitting you for 50k each melee strike).

    Getting to 450 would be mega good for me to be honest.
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    There is a PvP building in your BFA starting zone that has 3 CoA quests every Tuesday.
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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