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    Default Wep-A-Mole /// Classic Totem Bars done in ISBoxer

    I am finally somewhat satisfied with my totembar, so as promised i will share the stuff with you. It's not perfect, but works fine for two shamans. if you only need 1 (or probably more) you need to adapt this of course. I would do the following to import the stuff:

    1) Backup your current profile
    2) Open a Second ISBoxer Suite Window
    3) CopyPaste the following sections in your ISBoxer Profile:
    Macros -> 07 Shaman
    Keymap -> Custom Hotkeys WWWSS
    Keymaps-> Main Totem Bar
    Keymaps -> TotemSequence
    Keymaps -> TotemStepEnable
    Keymap -> Totem-Macros
    Keymap -> Totem Clickbars Toggle
    Keymap -> Initialize Popouts
    Clickbar -> Click Bar Toggle
    Clickbars -> MainTotem
    Clickbars -> Totemslot Earth/Air/Fire/Water

    In the Clickbar Main Tab you can import the Icons i zipped (Thanks @Matricus (Fuii) for the symbols!)

    As those Clickbars and Keymaps reference to each other the copypaste process might or might not break some "links", did not tested it! But what should propably work is overwriting all stuff a second time after you imported it (because this way the references are already there).

    Another thing to notice: My Shamans are in Slot 1 and Slot 5. Adjust that properly. And of course you have to assign the Keymaps, Clickbars and Macros to your existing Team
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