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    Default Support multiboxing in Ashes of Creation

    The link below has a poll to ban, restrict or allow multiboxing on this game I strongly believed that we should move as a community and vote for the third option which is allow multiboxing with less restrictions and also post why we believe mboxing should be allow. If u think this game has a future please I implore you to go and vote.

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    I've been keeping a casual eye on this game and was wondering if multiboxing would be a thing. Thanks for sharing this here.
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    Looks like multiple PC is in the lead by a large far about 59% in favor of multiboxing or don't care either way. Now then, when is the game coming out? i tried the PvP thing they had/have? i wasn't impressed. When the game first started showing off videos and concept, it looked like it had tons of potential. Now I'm unsure. BUT, if i cant box it.. i wont play it!
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    I'll be the Debbie Downer. I couldn't care less myself. The situation with Blizzard these past 2 years has been abysmal for a multitude of reasons. I think AAA gaming is dead. That they survive on an ancient version of the same game is hilarious. Retail developers are so caught up in punishing PvP from a MB perspective because they suck at MMORPG design. They actually think multiboxing is a problem and is why their business is down. These big AAA developers stopped hiring on merit and now it's all identity all the way through. That's going to make for some tough acceptance with the customer base. I'm over it though. It's a hard pass for a minimum of 2 years for me. We'll see if the executive group figures it out by 10.x or if WoW is done forever.

    The best games out today are not MB games anyway. Games like Fallout 4 (modded), Subnautica (modded), Darkest Dungeon, Dark Souls, etc, etc. These are the fun titles of the near future. Not Shadowlands. Not Ashes. Not New World.

    That's my opinion anyway.

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    That poll is a result of botters plaguing the multiboxing community. We need to start fighting the botting problem or they will eventually force Dev's to phase out multiboxing completely.

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    Looks like hardware boxing it is.

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