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    Default Support multiboxing in Ashes of Creation

    The link below has a poll to ban, restrict or allow multiboxing on this game I strongly believed that we should move as a community and vote for the third option which is allow multiboxing with less restrictions and also post why we believe mboxing should be allow. If u think this game has a future please I implore you to go and vote.

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    I've been keeping a casual eye on this game and was wondering if multiboxing would be a thing. Thanks for sharing this here.
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    Looks like multiple PC is in the lead by a large far about 59% in favor of multiboxing or don't care either way. Now then, when is the game coming out? i tried the PvP thing they had/have? i wasn't impressed. When the game first started showing off videos and concept, it looked like it had tons of potential. Now I'm unsure. BUT, if i cant box it.. i wont play it!
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