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    Default How to involve more people in multiboxing?

    Multiboxing is a great experience, as well as more gold and fun. However most people don't even think about it seriously.

    How can we encourage them to try?

    I am going to make a small PR-campaign of multiboxing for newbies. So there is a need of ideas and variants how to do this.

    Yet I think about posting some messages at official forums. Also I'll try to post on reddit (but there is a great chance of ban). May be you know another good places (mostly for WoW) to post or discuss, or have a connect to some opinion leaders who post or stream about WoW. What else can be done?

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    I run social media for Lavishsoft, you should ping me in ISBoxer Discord or DB discord and we can chat about this. Would love to be involved.

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    There is so much confussion, errors and misconceptions among players, its insane. 9/10 times i see someone complain and talk while im around, i just have to shake my head and facepalm irl.

    Also, most people think we are "botting".

    If people see im playing 30 accounts all riding the same mount: they qq and insist that i only needed 1 drop..

    Trying to correct these people is mostly a lost battle, atleast in my experience, as they simply dont believe me.

    The rare mobs hp scales and a lot of content scales, so its not like everything just falls over just standing still turreting everything.

    Also, yes ofc you get more gold as f.ex 5 vs 1.. but then again you still need gold to pay the f.ex 5 subs.. these golds dont appear out of nowhere.. if you were horrible at getting gold as 1, to pay for your sub... prepare for a rude awakening.

    If you plan to multibox just to get gold, id say: put that plan on hold and spend time learning how to use the AH / the tsm addon WELL. Then, when you got the gold coming in = feel free to try /play multiboxing for "free".
    Unless ofcourse if you have the surplus cash irl, then feel free to go for it.

    Also: it is probably time to update what kind of requirements wow needs + what kind of pc specs thats needed for multiple accounts. The needed specs vary wildly, based on a lot of factors, as you know + what kind of fps you want to play at.

    And dont get me started on pvp... if i come with 5 characters and a lone guy decide to attack me on his own: guess what: ofc 9/10 times i will defeat the guy. Then the guy qq'es and feel its unfair and that im cheating. He doesnt see me as 5 players, but as 1.

    I also feel its very important to inform players that, while "stand still farming" can be profitable (but not condoned on these forums) that Blizzard have cracked down on this and if you lapse your attention on the games, you WILL get banned pretty quickly, due to missing the various obvious and subtle "are you a bot tests", that will be done either automatically and/or by a real GM. It doesnt matter if you just sat there mashing those buttons: if you missed a "test" = in their eyes, your were deemed AFK (but keypresses still continues) = they will have no choice but to assume you are using some sort of bot = you get banned.

    What really made me start to multibox, was that i had limited time playing and a lot of content was quite hard on my own. A lot i couldnt solo, it was impossible and needed more people. So having your own party was awesome and i could overcome content and do stuff whenever i wanted. If i wanted to take a break midle of dungeon, i could.. noone could it was only me myself & i.

    And having more characters certainly speeds up the lvling progress: as regular mobs dont scale that high and are "swiftly killed", which allows for less chance of getting into trouble and can do bigger pulls. Having 1 of the characters as a pocket healer feels very nice. Ofc, the cursed certain collection quests and phased parts can be annoying, but its not too bad. Also, world quest goes a lot faster when multiboxing.

    There should be made a list of the most common misconceptions, like:

    Multiboxers gets 1 mountdrop = all their accounts gets it, as its account shared! ---> the truth is that you can have max 8 wow accounts within 1 battlenet account. These will share mounts (currently not all mounts, like gladiator mounts, but those will become available in shadowlands, supposedly).


    Honestly i dont know how to best PR the multiboxing playstyle. Those i have met, did it because it looked fun and challenging and because they thought the gold would just flow in by itself, so they didnt have to pay any irl cash for the subs. Lets just say the wast majority of those players stopped playing after a while. And you have to have a tough skin: the majority of players will curse, rapport you on sight ("just because / just incase"), call you names, mock you for not beeing able to solo things the proper way, pay to win, no-lifer, looser, massive envy, and the list goes on. Haters gonna hate. What they deem cheating, isnt deemed by blizzard as cheating, obviously, and a lot of players doesnt agree on what blizzard allows. Its very hard to convince them otherwise. But ohwell: blizzards game... their rules.

    Ive pretty much given up talking to strangers ages ago. If they are friendly, i will give it a shot, but any sign of unfriendlyness or trolling, i will ignore them. Im not forced to talk to anyone, if i dont want to. I just link the: and carry on with whatever i was doing.
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    I think the most positive impact I've had lately has been my ability to help people quickly complete quests that would otherwise be very problematic for them or that would require multiple people to help with.

    I'd suggest some themes along the lines of "Would you like to help your friends & guildies complete the most challenging quests in the game?" or "Want to be the Most Valuable Person in your guild and on your server - try multiboxing"

    E.g. Currently in classic, rogues need to collect 25 war beads from elite ogres as part of the T0.5 quest chain. The drop rate seems to correspond with how difficult the ogre is to kill. (open world Ogres have a bad drop rate, but the ones in DM:N seem to be about 50%) So our 1st rogue started trying to get multiple groups for tribute runs, but that would have taken him 2-3 full dungeon runs - likely each with a different group of PUGs. Instead I helped and we just spend 15min clearing the entire entry way and he was done quick and easy.

    I've also left groups of 3 level 20-something Locks all over the place for quick summons - really helps getting world buffs and stuff. (hint - be sure to leave in places where you can easily refill on shards from time to time. So don't leave them by the felwood flight point songflower, but instead leave them by the one close to ashenvale)

    I've think I've relatively quickly gone from - "there's that weird guy with all the mages following him. He says he's "multiboxing", but we all know he's just botting" to "Hey, I know I know a guy that can help with that" to "Wow, that's awesome - how can I do that?" I have one other guy in our guild dual-boxing and another guy just got his 3rd account.

    (Its almost kinda annoying how many people I now have asking for help all the time, but I guess its nice being on so many people's friend list)

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    When i think about it... after randomly visiting the official forums.. there are lots of threads of people complaining about these "multiboxing bots", often. There is a awfull lot of trolls in these threads aswell, spreadning misinformation, on purpose, weekly it seems, to stir people up. These people are avid haters of multiboxers.

    Now if Blizzard maybe did something like this:

    A: if spreadning lies online on the official forums / ingame about multiboxing would be a bannable offence = i wouldnt mind that. Wishfull thinking... but ok.

    B: It would be helpfull if Blizzard had a "pinned" thread on top of the various forumthreads, which gave their excact stand on this why multiboxing is allowed.

    C: yes, there are people out there who are botting, but tries to hide under the "im multiboxing umbrella".
    All you can do is just report all that you suspect could be a botter, then move on with your lives. If faul play is detected, action will be taken.

    D: Maybe a notice on the battle net launcher.. with a link to what multiboxing is, why its allowed and that if you suspect foul play = report and move on.

    E: Maybe a notice sometimes on the "loading screen".. also telling to visitting the official site to get explained what multiboxing is, why its allowed and that if you suspect foul play = report and move on.

    In short.. Blizzard should get the info out there to the gamers.

    It would / certainly could make more people trying out multiboxing... as people see the devs official stand on this, etc.

    Random thoughts of the day...
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    personally I think we saw way too many 2x4 farmers over the past 18 months or so and it doesn’t do good to the rest of us that are just enjoying soloing dungeons etc... so no I don’t think we need more multiboxers if it’s going to be that kind and blizzard ends up changing mechanics or worse banning us because of solo players outcry. I would prefer for instance a max of say 5 but return of follow in pvp etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorea View Post
    personally I think we saw way too many 2x4 farmers over the past 18 months or so and it doesn’t do good to the rest of us that are just enjoying soloing dungeons etc... so no I don’t think we need more multiboxers if it’s going to be that kind and blizzard ends up changing mechanics or worse banning us because of solo players outcry. I would prefer for instance a max of say 5 but return of follow in pvp etc

    There def is a lot of people complaining that they feel its unfair, that multiboxers can "stand still farm" and "herb and loot with up to 10 characters at the same time per herb node".

    But i dunno... there are already a shedloads of different possible solutions to fix these "issues", that even i can come up with, but nothing has been done from Blizzards side AND its been around 2 years. AND i have been totally open with everything i have done, farming wise and my setup, macros etc etc, towards them. And they didnt mind any of it. Yes ofc they cant trust anyone 100%, so i also got "bot tested" too many times to mention.

    I havent read, heard or seen anything that says that Blizzard is going to change this (besides that they do nerf farming spots (seems after only after massive feedback on spots out in very public areas, one by one), but now it seems they are on a "break", cause a lot of spots in public havent been "nerfed that much (besides nerf to the boe epic and mountdroprate)".

    And yes, there are still spots out there, especially those "phased", which are out of public view, and decent.

    So, either Blizzard cant fix these possible "issues" or they dont mind.
    I dont know which is correct. So far... they dont mind it, apparently, or else they would have told us that is "wasnt as intended" or "is not allowed". Its been like this for around 2 years, and its not like its anything secret about it, but no "interventions" yet from the game devs.

    *well, i guess a lot lot lot more often "bot testing" is a change they made, so atleast that helped a ton to ban botters, and still is.
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    Nice ideas and great examples, thank you!

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    Blizzard's feature "farm 10 times on 1 node" is so great for multiboxing so may be it is intended?

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    1. One of the biggest problems is that people see the multiboxer as one person - never looking at the time it takes to lv. and gear up a team.
    2. They see Multiboxers as = moneymaker that only are farming and destroying the marked. Not looking at the challenge and playstyle of running dungeons/raid/m+
    3. They see multiboxers as cheaters and bots. - unfair advantage.

    Follow back in pvp = Follow bots will be back, so certainly no chance this will happend.
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