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    because something is done for years isn’t making it ok; I removed auto assist once I realized it was doing 2 things for 1 key, and just put /assist in one of my ingame macro (with the side benefit of better control, I cam switch targets with tank and start building aggro while dps finish a monster etc)
    I'm still with ya on caution around keydown/keyup, but I think this is too strict an interpretation of "one action per key press". Auto-assist is no different from a WoW macro doing /assist <char> /cast Fireball. Similarly, multiple "actions" can be macroed to one key press using the WoW client alone, so long as only one of them incurs a GCD, and this is likewise fine.

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    I don't think that's an interpretation at all. Blizz has stated (blue post linked earlier) that they consider one "keystroke" to include both up and down.

    Blizz does have a number of things they allow to all be on the same keystroke (e.g. a WoW macro doing /assist <char>; /cast Fireball) and that's obviously perfectly fine. I'm sure if I took those 2 actions and split them into a keydown/keyup via some external method Blizz wouldn't really care, if they even noticed at all.

    But what was suggested above is using an external tool to put 2 different /cast spells onto keydown/keyup in order to somehow get both spells to happen at the same time in order to increase your dps beyond what should be possible. That seems clearly across the line.

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    yup ^ exactly, will add :

    the argument "oh same can be done with in game macro" then if really the case, do do it with an ingame macro (that you can put in isboxer for convenience/if you want) but don't trigger 2 things with 1 key on up/down that can't be or use isboxer timers/delays imo
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