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    Default Anyone use party sync for leveling?

    I just saw a post on the WoW reddit where someone said they took a couple hours leveling from 114 to 120 in loch modan while party synced with a level 3 toon. They weren't boxing but that seems really good.

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    I used party sync to link my 110-120 toons to a 100 so that I could continue to do legion invasions, can't say I've ever tried it for lower stuff other than "oops one toon leveled a little faster than the others lets use that to keep them in vanilla bracket with the others"

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    I wish I had a level 100 toon to sync to.

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    I'm expanding to other servers right now - Party sync fresh DK with a lv.1 - and after 2 starting zone you are lv. 70. and can make a DH
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    already answered nm
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    Have a 100 mixed team that I'm leveling two lv. 20+ replacement dps with in party sync. So far I can't say it's any faster or slower. 100s about to hit 102 after like 3 dungeons and a handful of quests. So it works well both ways at least.

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