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    Default Multi Boxing Dragon Soul and Older Raids

    Good Day Peeps,

    Ok so I am in a bit of a pickle as I am finding farming certain old content like dragon soul for mounts is very annoying and frustrating especially since raid lockouts haven't been working on dragon soul for a while.

    An option I am investigating is maybe personal loot. Legacy loot is good if you are farming old transmogs etc, but for mount farming it is basically terrible. Personal loot on the other hand, if I understood the logic correctly, doing the raid with multiple characters means that each character has a chance at the mount.

    Does anybody have any way to force personal loot on such raids, or maybe some hidden lockout way to get my hands on that god forsaken blazing drake?

    I thank you all in advance for any help that might enlighten my farming .

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    No diffent if you are 1 or 20 in Legacy loot dungeons. Only 1 mount can drop and the mount drop chance is a roll on the boss loot table - not the number of players - if 20 it just makes another roll to see who get it.

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    As far as I am aware they removed all loot options from the game and you are no longer in control what the loot option for a current dungeon or raid is, which in my opinion is very annoying.

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    I made a "transmog farm" team consisting of a Warrior, Druid, Hunter, Mage and Warlock, so I could cover all weapon and armor types, and other than class-specific armor tokens, I can run old content and collect all the transmogs.

    Worst part is having to trade all the loot around after the runs, before the appearance is learned. I then use a repair mount that auto vendors all soulbound gear below a given item level, set in EMA. I wish there would be a way to auto-trade all tradeable BoP raid loot.

    It would be super cool if you could change loot options in a party, of say all guild members, or of all chars on a given battlenet, but that would never happen.

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    Other thing that is horrible is all the items that are randomly not tradable, was not impressed with the frequency of tradable loot in Ulduar at all...

    Really miss using group loot and having an addon set up that had "Need if you don't have the mog", etc

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    I do a fair bit of old raid farming and enjoy running my 5 toon teams through them. All my accounts are on the same so it doesn't matter to me which toon gets what gear for transmog.

    Some boss fights are huge pains. Like deathwing's spine, and the fight in org raid where you had to jump down, click a ton of things and then clear the side then jump back to clear the other side. I gave up trying to solo / multibox the spine fight.

    With 5 tons ~ 440 gear I've been clearing mythic legion raids (Haven't tried Antorus yet).

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