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    My mouse model is steelseries world of warcraft cataclysm MMO mouse model 62100. I do set the software to run as administrator and it wont work either. I enable the mouse in-game with a console command in order or the game to get it to work. I have been doing some research and someone on a WoW forum said that if I install steel series engine that it wont work anymore for some reason and I do because I use different mice from steel series.. I have also tested it out on 2 different operating systems but I used steel series engine on that computer as well.
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    It does state that the buttons are reporting for down and up positions. Very interesting find. Is there a path I can take from here in order to force it to work somehow?
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    On this page suggests that your World of Warcraft Cataclysm Mouse is fully supported. And if you are getting results from buttontest.iss then maybe the Steelseries Engine is interfering somehow, so you might want to try disabling it.

    Also note that in this post it says:
    * The Hotkey auto-detection box in ISBoxer does not automatically recognize natively supported buttons. You will need to manually select the button from the drop-down box.
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    I cannot seem to disable the engine even if I uninstall the driver at this time. Something may be saved somewhere in my system. Do I use the editor for the "drop down box"? I messed around with it earlier and was a little confused.

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    Try something simple
    Create a new mapped key, name it 'everyone jump'. Where it says Hotkey open that and choose G5 from the drop down.
    Then in step 1, make a new keystroke action to send 'space' with target 'all w/ current'

    Save | Export | Load team... confirm all toons jump when you press G5

    Then change hotkey selection to G6 | Save | Export ... check if now G6 makes them jump

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    Hey thanks a lot you're a real help. That definitely cracked the ice. I am still having issues with it. It's inconsistent in-game. It seems that some windows just get "stuck" with the ground targeted AOE ability i have chosen to use(blizzard). It seems to activate on some windows and some not. It looks like it lags out or something? also it doesn't broadcast the mouse so the actual target reticle wont move like it does on the window that I am playing on. I guess part of the problem is it's not broadcasting the mouse movement since I am not using the broadcaster after the fact I have clicked broadcasted the bind. Any help on this issue?

    Basically I want to broadcast the keybind that prompts the GTAOE blizzard spell, I want the mouse movement to be broadcasted and want it to broadcast mouse 1 when the button is released after I have chosen the area I want the spell to be used on. I also want to broadcast the cancel upon mouse 2 button release.
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    Make an action target group called Mages, and add any toons that are mages into that group.

    Your mapped key needs to have 2 actions in step 1:
    - keystroke action | key that casts blizzard | target Group (all of): Mages
    - send next click action | select video fx | target Group (others in): Mages

    Make sure the video source/output size is large but not the whole screen. I use 1536x864.

    Unfortunately you can't cancel it very easily, it waits for a click, so you will have to press escape to cancel then click to get rid of the video fx. Unless anyone else knows a trick for this.

    Watch this video if you didn't see it already
    In fact, watch all of Mirai's videos
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