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    Post Ryzen 7 3700x or i7 8700k?

    I need advices plz about wich one should i buy , ill get a new mother board, but had to use my old gforce 1050 Ti
    So, if i buy ryzen i had to buy new motherboard , new rams and the ryzen.
    Whit the i7 , new motherboard probably just one memory ram ( had one of 12 ddr3)
    wich one should i buy? for 5 accounts .

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    This is my opinion:

    Hearing about the lastest lockdowns on Intel CPUs and motherboards, Then i would go for a B550 motherboard and a 3700X.

    Personally, i run 5 accounts on 32GB 3200MHz Ram, Ryzen 3700X, a MSI MEG ACE X570 and a GTX1080 GFX. I have zero issues multiboxing.

    If you haven't heard, Intel will begin limiting memory speeds aswell as cpu speed on lower end chipsets.

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