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    i'm thinking about leveling a group of 5.
    For the classic combination Tank DPS Healer, the DPS seem to be set with Mage,Mage,Lock(for Utility) or triple Mage for pure dmg.
    I want do be good in dungeons, and doing some questlines.

    But what about the possible combinations of tanks and healers?
    Warrior: The typical one, maybe problems with threat generation for the first seconds.
    Druid: Overall a solid choice? with utility (buffs, heal, combat rezz)
    Pala: Great Aoe Tank, Depending on Mana. That's the things i read. Personally i don't get how to tank with a pala, low dmg, no spot, isn't that a big problem? Great utility (Rezz, heal, buffs)
    Shaman: Not really or?

    Priests: Great Heal some utility, rezz
    Druid: Heal over time, no flash heal, no normal rezz, more utility
    Pala: Good heals? Flash heal, great utility
    Shaman: Good group heal ... i'm not familar with him

    I'm thinking of a druid tank and pala healer for more utility.
    Maybe i'm missing some synergies or specialties or maybe i'm wrong about my assessments?
    What do you think?

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    Welcome! You're not wrong, but we have multiple threads discussing exactly this. You may have to go back a page or two as most of the discussion around different compositions was closer to classic release. You'll probably want to look through those older threads for lots of good "how to", beyond just figuring out composition.

    Really short summary - I'd recommend starting with:
    For Alliance, go Pally, Mage, Mage, Mage (or Lock), Priest (aka PaMMMPr or PaMMLPr).
    For Horde, go Warrior, Mage, Mage, Mage (or Lock), Priest (aka WMMMP or WMMLP)!

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    Good summary and great links.

    One additional combo to consider is that on Alliance Warrior Tank with Paladin healer also works well (you can still give party Salvation and give Warrior Tank Sanctuary and Ret Aura).

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    thanks for the info.
    Some of the threads should be a sticky.

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    I run druid tank along with 3x mages and a priest. Compared to the warrior the druid has far better threat both on AoE and single target, and the extra utility is nice as well. I just run in and spam Swipe and Holy Nova while the mages do their Flamestrike, Blast Wave, Arcane Explosion+ rotation. Much prefer it over running 4x mages and a priest because the tank gives me more survivability and allow me to pull more without risking mage deaths. On Alliance side I'd probably go with a paladin instead of a druid.

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