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    Default Multi-boxing in MC

    Up till now, I've only ever raided on my main and I just run dungeons with my multibox team. As a a guild, we're clearing BWL in an hour, then also clearing MC & Ony weekly for chance at bindings and whatever odd piece of gear people still want. We're at the point where we get quite a few people who drop once we're down with BWL, so I'm trying to talk my guild into letting me multibox MC just to fill out the raid.

    If they let me, I'd bring up to 4 mages and 1 priest. My "main" is 1 of the mages and I'd even have the priest (disc/holy) generally performing as really bad mage - just smiting away at whatever my main is frostbolting. I could have the priest help buff & decurse, but I don't think I'd actually want to try healing at all - perhaps just a bit within my own party.

    I can imagine Rag will be a bit of a PITA, I'll have to stack together and try to get through it with GFPP and some fire resist gear to avoid getting blown into the lava. The bomb on Baron should be easy enough to manage even if I'm targeted (5 accounts on 3 monitors so its not too hard to just mouse over and control from another screen where needed.)

    Are there any other mechanics that are challenging to multibox through? Other advice?

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    Any boss that requires some form of movement can be tricky.
    Though you should prepare to actually dispel stuff; not just with your priest but with your 4 mages on Lucifron and Shazzrah - that's what I do when I'm going raiding.

    And Ragnaros... just place 2 mages each at a wall and the priest somewhere close... no need to actually flying around.
    There are enough spots where you can stand at a wall and still cast.

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    @Fuii is there some way to dispel on multiple toons at one time, or you're just saying to be sure to dispel on at least 1 toon?

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    I play a warrior solo as my main and play an elemental shaman triple box as my alt. I've multiboxed a lot of ZG and just a couple MCs. Next week though we're going to start practice splitting BWL so we can double up on Broodlord Heads for the AQ patch and planning on brining my shamans there as well.

    In MC, really Rag was the only part I had trouble with, since I got knocked backed and separated and trying to get them all back in position was a bother. This could be solved with better starting positioning though, like using a wall as Fuji said. The rest was pretty straightforward and not much different than just playing it solo.

    You should definitely talk about dispelling and decursing and what the expectation is there and how you plan to do that. Fortunately I didn't have to deal with that, so I got no advice there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jak3676 View Post
    @Fuii is there some way to dispel on multiple toons at one time, or you're just saying to be sure to dispel on at least 1 toon?
    Round robin dispel, combined with a Sync Cursor action and @mouseover spell will let you dispel with all mages different targets.

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    i have multiboxed hunters, mages and paladins in the MC raid i organise for the guild.
    I have also had 3 hunters in BWL in guildruns multiple times.
    Onyxia i have done both paladins and hunters and the hunters simply require a healer to keep them up as its simpler to stack and get a healer to heal them (or as you have mage+priest having the priest heal the mages should be just fine).

    As already have been said, where you cant stack to much or need to move it can be a bit of a hassle.
    But in MC that is on the bomb for example to pick the correct window.
    Or on raggy when you get blasted.

    These things can be countered and there is no real issue if you stick to same class.
    Because if there isnt a free spot for a useless priest, the raid would want the priest to also heal the raid.

    Just go for it, its easy peasy in MC.

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