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    Default New at multiboxing

    Hi i'm fresh new at this and i really want to start multiboxing but i have no idea of the PC spec's that i may be needing. This is of course in Wow Bfa and i want to start with 4 accounts. I have no problem with playing in low requeriments on the main account

    Does the battlenet recommended specifications are enought but with ofc more ram? maybe 16GB? Or i will be needing a more powerfull PC?

    Please let me know all yours thoughts...Thanks!
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    If you're planning on going out and buying something to those specs, I would get something a bit more powerful, and yes at least 16GB RAM.

    Normal recommendation would be to try multiboxing with trial accounts first, if it doesn't work well enough, then consider what you need to upgrade.

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    The general multiboxing recommendation would be to aim somewhere between the wow minimum and recommended specifications *per character you want to multibox*

    So that's 2-4 cores/threads on your CPU per account, and 2-4GB of video card RAM per account and 2-4GB of system RAM per account. So to multibox 4 accounts, we'd recommend an 8-core/16-thread CPU, 8-16GB video card RAM and 8-16 GB of system RAM just for WoW - not counting Windows and whatever else you're running at the same time (so add some extra CPU and system RAM to account for everything else).

    You can cut back on video RAM a bit by turning down graphics settings, but you'll still want as much video card RAM as you can get, at least a high end 8-core CPU and 16GB system RAM at a minimum - 10+ core CPU and 32GB system RAM would be better.

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    In my opinion 16GB RAM is too little. I tried this and even with 4 accounts I was pushing the limits and it was already starting to throttle (Even without running anything else, Windows still uses a pretty decent chunk of memory on its own).

    Also keep in mind that WoW is not GPU heavy so you can get away with using budget/older GPU's. You will just end up playing with low quality. Personally this should not really be a problem as most budget cards of the latest 2 iterations are pretty decent (and with AMD catching up and sometimes even surpassing Nvidia you can get them pretty cheap). You may not play maxed out at 4k but anything normal use should be fine.

    Other then that, go with what Jak3676 said.

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