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    Default Heroic Warfronts (do them for the guarenteed 460 ilvl piece) BFA 8.3

    This is currently up on Alliance but it rotates back and forth.
    There is a quest to complete to get a guaranteed 460 ilvl piece, make sure you're doing this when it's up!

    I also placed a video in here to show it's pretty relaxing and you can do it with any team and not really struggle since most groups take 30, so you can kind of blend in.
    If your ilvl is too low, just make the group yourself.

    **Make sure you grab the quest for the 460 reward before actually running it!**

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    I just discovered these a month or two ago. It's braindead easy and with a geared group you can actually take out some of the objectives yourself. I usually have friends start a group and I sneak my way in.

    The last boss is a nice challenge. I usually die a few times because I don't actually care to do it well.

    Now whether or not you get a *useful* piece of gear is another discussion....
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