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    Default Wow Classic - 3 warriors respond, one just sits

    So my team is a newbie Shaman and 4 warriors and I lead with the Shaman. I set up the following keymap (Alt+G is IWT and it works perfectly when called manually):

    And call it with another keymap bound to num pad 1:

    This seems to work quite well...for 3 of the 4 warriors. The slot 2 warrior just sits there and looks at me like I have 2 heads. I am still new to using Isboxer in a Wow setting but I cannot find what could be disconnected so only one would not "listen". For the keymap "Arms Warrior", I have the entire Character Set mapped. I also did it with the individual characters but it had no beneficial change.

    As I am only level 1 at this point, I am just trying to get the framework of everything going. I was trying to follow what Quiding had going with this example:

    Any help or thoughts would be immensely appreciated.


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    So completely unsure why, but if I change the Alt+G to

    Do Interact with Target - Standard in ISB42 - Party Key Map -> Self

    The 2nd warrior now charges forward with the other 3. If I manually typed Alt+G prior to the change, he ran forward unlike if I relied upon the keymap.

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    I'll take a stab since no one else has.

    Make sure the unresponsive warrior has interact with target keybound to ALT+G in game.
    Make a action target group for your warriors (drag characters from your character set to it).

    The actions are kinda split into three parts (action > key map > target).
    You have Up > Arms Warrior Keymap > all other (slots other than active window).
    Change the target of this action to the new action target group you just made (warriors).
    When you press that keybind, it 'should' broadcast that action to every character in the group.

    I'm not the most well versed in ISOBoxer so someone else might have a better solution.

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    What are the names of your warriors?
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