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    Default Season 21

    Monks and DH have the best start this season. Two of the A tier builds are achievable on startup.

    Whirlrend is considered S tier this season.

    I'm going to do some research this weekend before I commit, but I'm thinking of doing a team of DH or Monks and a team of Barbarians if I have enough time or get bored enough.

    Anyone else plan on playing this season?

    Current tier list:
    WoW M+ focused Multiboxer
    Season 4 BFA Highest: +11 Waycrest Manor in time
    Season 1 Shadowlands Highest: +2 Necrotic Wake over time

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    Going to run some DH's this season, if the new set isnt fun they still have multishot. Might switch to WW barbs later if i have time and the season is longer.

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