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    Default Phase 5 AQ Gates on 2020.07.28

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    Pretty excited about this update, as I've been building both my future 20-toon and 40-toon setups around ZG and AQ. Mass-multiboxers should have a great time farming AQ20/40 trash for Scarabs and Greater Scarab Coffer Keys.

    For 5-toon and 10-toon multiboxers, it also adds a plethora of new dungeon loot items.

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    More info on the AQ Expectations (thanks Fuii for posting this on the ISBoxer Discord):

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    I think everyone's "pre-raid BiS" gets a nice boost up with the T0.5. So even if you just have a simple farming team that only geared "good enough", they'll get a nice boost.

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    I'm kinda surprised that I still don't see any new 5-box farm that's more lucrative than Strat-Live. Only think I've changed is that I had been skipping many of the bosses as they just didn't seem worth the time. But now that Large Brilliant Shards went up 5to 7g in price (they were about 4g) I added them back in to my routine last night.

    None of the war effort stuff seems particularly multi-box friendly - although runecloth went up in price nicely. Every scarab in Silithus is now camped 24-7, so I don't see anything boxing friendly there either. Looking at all the new BoE drops and recipes I don't see anything that looks like a good farm.

    Anyone else see other farms I'm missing?

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    All the war effort stuff is nothing you do now.
    Either you had the stuff before and are selling it now / since last weekend or you can forget making profit.

    These items had a short spike in price but will return to normal shortly - on my server the cloth and bar stuff is done already for example, leather be next.

    AQ related valuable items are the silithid drops (title/mount), the standard encrypted texts and the summoning stuff (reputation).

    Otherwise at least on my server the Dark Rune prices doubled from 10 to 20g in the last week and dropped to 12g currently due to lots of people running Scholomance for T0, new items and the idols/totems.

    Leaving you with the stuff that had value before.

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    I turned in about 9000 runecloth bandages that I had been saving for about 6 months. Keep in mind I haven't really been instance farming for a few months, except to get raid mats in DM:E and occasional orb runs. I did make a last ditch attempt to get a HoJ on Anger and stopped after 50 runs.

    It was fun opening 500 loot crates.

    I only got 4 blues and the rest I sold. I made around 700g (I didn't really track it). Definitely made a profit over vendoring the runecloth.

    Feels nice to finally get rid of all that runecloth. It became such a pain emailing it around to alts.

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    Resubbed my other 4 accounts and did AQ20 with the F&F part of my guild that missed out on the main raid's run of it.

    I healed with a resto shaman / 4 fire mages. It was pretty fun. We full cleared and none of the mechanics are overly punishing to being grouped. Looking forward to farming this more.

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    Anything in AQ20 seem 5-box farmable? (my server finally completed the war effort this morning, so we won't unlock till Sunday)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jak3676 View Post
    Anything in AQ20 seem 5-box farmable? (my server finally completed the war effort this morning, so we won't unlock till Sunday)
    Doesn't look like it. Class books drop from bosses and scarabs are cheap.

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