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    Default Banned :)

    I have 20 acc and were banned at 1, just playing all characters at once, sometimes I split them because of Tyrs Hand farm, no bots, no cheats, just IS boxer. I think it could be caused because of getting many reports on my leading character while exping my alts... Dont have any other idea why I just get that for only one account and not for all.

    Simillar thing happend someone in past few days / weeks?

    Thank you

    "Account Action: Account Closure
    Offense: Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)

    This account was closed for use of unauthorized cheat programs, also known as hacks or bots. These programs provide character benefits not normally achievable in the game and detract from the integrity of the World of Warcraft game environment."
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    Appeal it if you did nothing wrong.

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    Ofc I will, will try to share this story and if I will suscess ) that was jsut "alt" acc so I dont care, but would like to avoid of getting banned of my 10 main accounts, where I have full geared BWL chars that would rly sad end of my story

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    Last time I checked we had agreed not to past “banned like type topics as it’s between the person Involved and blizzard, as no one here can intervene.
    This really isn’t the place for it. But having said that, I do feel that ourselves as a community are about to suffer a huge amount of false flag and maybe even deserved bans, given the ramp up of account closures from player reporting. There also seems to be a prevalent thought amongst the player base that the lotus spawn camps and such are “multibox” and not just people running a fuck ton of scripts and mass botting. Which muddies the water considerably as to what they’re meant to report. Mainly driven by the p-server brigades.
    also I am under no illusion that some multibox’s do in fact bot, same way as a % of the singular players also bot.

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    Keep getting called a bot when spotted in the wild by random other players. I agree that there might be an influx of reports based on misunderstandings/hate, and I'm afraid of what will come of them.

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    I understand nobody from here will help me, reason why I started this "discussion" is mainly because if somebody who knows he is okay and gets banned by nonsense could find similar situation and how that ends, if there is any chance to get already banned account back.

    Like I said, personaly I dont care and will create another account. But, there is one hudge BUT for me... I am scared I get banned for something and dont know that real reason and my other accounts could be in danger because of that.

    In my opion I get banned because of many reports, I am exping my alts in Tyrs hand followed by 19 other accounts and "leader" of that group was banned. But in that case I would expetate to ingame impact of GM and atleast to have any talks, but nobody whisped me.

    For me now its important to dont lead my party by character I can afford to lose. Will see what blizzard answer me.

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    just curious.

    You have 30 accounts?
    How many battlenet accounts?

    Only 20 "alt" accounts were banned but not your other 10? Of the 20 banned accounts, how many battlenet accounts was that?

    I just started a new shaman team. It's pretty crazy how many bots I see during my leveling process. Some are bots and I see a lot more people mutliboxing now (not botting). I usually whisper them and say hi or something.
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    There's already a plethora of threads just like this one, from over the last decade or more. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, but this thread is neither helpful to you, nor the community.

    You indicate that they specified "Offense: Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)". As you know, if they felt ISBoxer was a hack, they could blanket ban all of us at the same time simply by detecting Inner Space, which is not hidden from their cheat detection.

    Additionally, people don't seem to realize that the bans may come after weeks of continued or even discontinued activity, and if you used hacks on some accounts but not others, they will still ban all of the accounts they are able to link together by various methods.

    Now I obviously know absolutely nothing other than what you posted, I don't know you at all and like the others said this is between you and Blizzard and we don't want to make assumptions, but this is the reminder (Rule #1) I provide in the ISBoxer Discord #welcome_rules_faq channel:

    1. ISBoxer is not a shield for cheating in games or breaking game rules. If you are doing things that would get you banned from the game anyway, including harassing others, RMT in games that prohibit RMT, "zone disruption", "afk farming" (also known as botting), etc -- using ISBoxer is not going to help you avoid getting banned, and telling us or the game company that you "only used ISBoxer" will not reverse or prevent your ban. Please leave if that is why you are here.
    With all of that said, this thread will now be locked, as was mentioned by someone else earlier in the thread. I do wish you luck with your accounts, though having that many accounts puts a big fat target on your back...
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