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    Guys, im thinking to start a melee team for doing mythics and visions. Any sugestions? I was thinking use 5 Paladins but im afraid that they dont have good dps. I have a Lot of chars até 110/120, including dks, DHs, druids and monks. What composition you guys indicate?

    My intention is Just play for Fun...

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    Ellay has a lot of good videos, running 4 blood dks and a holy paladin, im pretty sure he even did a +10 with that setup

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    Nice, i Will check. Maybe trying 2 Palas and 3 Dks (one of my acc dont have a leveled dk.

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    5 Paladins will also work really well if you want to go that route. I just stuck with DK's because of death grip for PvP otherwise you'll just have players kiting your team.
    For PvE Paladins are just as strong and have some really good utility.

    Their DPS is about 40k~ or so on my Paladin at ilvl 468. They have nice passive aoe and good single target.

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    Ellay, i subscribe your YouTube Channel... Im leveling my last dK and Will start my dgs with one pala and 4 Dks. In fact i Will need get some gear first because ALL of this chars are alts...

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    everyone sleepin on bears. ive got some sweet bear gimmicks goin on, my bears are titans.

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    I'm thinking of making a melee team, all plate, for loot sharing potential. Thinking of going with a Prot Warrior tank, A holy Paladin, and then either 3 Unholy DKs, or 3 warriors. Having the DPS charge in to a target is nice to have so +1 for warriors, but DKs can grip in a ranged caster, so +1 for DKs. Since I'm already planning on a 4xDK 1 paladin team, I guess I'll level up the warriors, and can swap them later with DKs.

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