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    Default fastest level 50-60?

    Hey there

    I'm currently multiboxing 2 5 man squads of 4 mages 1 priest and i hit a pretty big wall at 50 in terms of leveling

    I powerleveled them through dungs 1-50 but i don't have the gold to buy them all ZG runs

    What's the fastest method to level 50-60 in groups of 5?


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    Brd, via quest if you're horde or just running left gauntlent of entrance once you hit 53-54.

    But, overall the brd farm is the best, hands down!.)
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    I think the Gor'Shak farm was nerfed - reports of mobs no longer dropping loot or giving exp. I have not tested to confirm

    IMO Gor'Shak farming wasn't hugely better than just running the prison and ring of law areas - maybe 20% more exp? But I think this nerf and the Black Lotus nerf are specifically there to crack down on botting.

    At L50 you can start doing some prison clears in BRD, just have to pull packs mostly singly until you hit 54. The troll ring in Sunken Temple is also pretty good exp/hour at level 50.
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    Sunken Temple (farm the middle circle and jump down for the dragonkin) is really great at 50 if you dont want to keep doing ZF until 52-53 then head to brd coffer runs and can swap over to lbrs 57+( farm up to the first boss).

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    I'm leveling a new priest (now solo) and I have to say that multiboxing your own 5-man group >>> getting boosted by someone else.

    I started her in a 5-man group with a bunch of locks, but mostly abandoned the locks once they all got summoning, so now I'm leveling my priest solo and regretting it. I never really learned the SM or Mara 1-pull strats myself, so I figured I'd just buy a bunch of boosts. I've found buying boosts in SFK, SM and now Mara is at best equal to the exp/hour that I was getting when multiboxing up my own 5-man team - except now I'm dependent on finding someone else who knows what they're doing and is available at the same time that I am. And even then I'm now paying for runs instead of earning bank on my runs.

    When I just use use her solo to heal dungeon runs it seems most people aren't actually there for the exp, they just want to skip to the end boss for loot. It's great if you can find a melee or spell-cleave farming group, but someone always leaves after 2-3 runs, then you spend 10 min recruiting a replacement. If you just go with a normal group they skip 1/2 the mobs in the dungeon. So frustrating.
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