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    Default Vision group healer

    I have been 3 boxing visions as x3 Beast Mastery - it's been a lot of fun.

    I would like to try BM x2 leading from a healer - my question is which healer would compliment the Hunters best - considering there is a lot of movement in visions?

    Having a healer in a party of more than 2 reduces the mob hp by 25%.

    I wanted to compare it to the pure dps runs.
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    The best healer for mobility is druid. Though, you cant go wrong with any healer atm. Shaman also plays well with hunters. Chain heal, Spiritwalker's Grace, Riptide, and reincarnation is amazing along with a lot of other utility.
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    Echoing what Purple said, Druid would be the best for mobility - Shaman plays into BM strength as you can do Chain heals that bounce and hit the pets which are tanking. In a 4 BM Hunter / 1 Resto setup I would have the shaman spam Chain Heal on the enemy Target of Target as part of the rotation, that way the pet who is tanking gets the main chunk of the heal and the others get the bounces. It worked well but I'm not sure how high up pets can tank currently in BFA (should be fine for visions though).

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    Thanks for the replies

    I have got my cloak to rank 9 on my Hunters, they are 439 ilvl.. I can do x2 bonus areas and then the boss.. not sure if this is good or bad because I don't know that much about visions.

    Pets don't take much damage. I use clefthooves and they also have the 2 pet talent.

    It was a disaster trying to box them with my Locks.

    Druid sounds really great - I just wonder if the 25% reduction in health will make the Druid and 2 Hunters stronger or equal to the x3 hunter group.

    Shammy would be hard to get any heals off I think.. there is so much movement in visions.. either the burning feet debuff or the other stuff to always be running from.
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    Hated the Druid too busy, so have gone with a Disc Priest. Will see how it goes.

    All Mechagnome team.. I think they will do alright.
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    Disclaimer, I haven't played a priest at a high lvl but Disc priest is probably the most complicated rotation of the bunch, they have specific windows to do their high dps/healing.

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    I have used Disc in my 5 mans before.. and this is only for visions

    If it doesn't go to plan there is always Holy.. or Shadow if it's really needed.
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    First cloak quest went well, and the group is only 403 ilv atm so quite pleased with that.

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    You cannot go wrong with a druid. It will yield the best results.

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    If it isn't catweaving though a lot of Druid's potential is lost.. I don't want that extra hassle while boxing.

    Managed a corrupted zone and the boss even though it said the area was too challenging.. still had an orb to spare.

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