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    Nice explanation, great to see these ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizeowel View Post
    Nice explanation, great to see these ideas
    Agreed. I really like the incorporation of TMW and find it a really helpful UI addition.

    It is really nice to give me a game with in game (now I play "whack-a-mole", er I mean "wep-a-mole" to keep up with things while playing WoW).


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    glad to hear

    there are a few things i will change/adapt in the future for my personal UI.

    I will add a condition for the mana of the unit and tint the icons deep blue. so it tells me -> you can wep-a-mole as much as you want, you don't have mana, spare your clicks.

    I will highlight the different heals based on health deficit... just to add a bit more popping up of things to click

    I will definetely declutter the Cooldown bar as Matricus mentioned, there's too much redundant stuff. and i really need an ice block button right next to the unit frames, i figured

    glad you liked it so far, i am focussing on leveling a bit this week (just entered BRD the first time, yeah!) but will update my initial post and add up to the Google slides after that journey to 60 :>

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    I just started to do a (propably lengthy, hopefully detailed) series of videos about my current setup. Hopefully it can help someone. Part 1/x Part 2/x

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