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    Default Hive mind mount macro ?

    What macros are you guys using to use this mount as good as possible?

    Any one else have some problems sometimes that one or more characters won't mount it. Happens to me sometimes and i need to remount it from main character. don't know why this happens.


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    I had the same trouble - in the end I bound interact with mouseover to make them all mount instead.

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    I just f1 (self select after mounting) and iwt and they all move and jump in

    only problem in the past was with pets and dismounting+remounting solves it
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    In my actual mount macro:

    /target Bivette
    /use Hivemind

    Bivette being my driver in that set. Then I have them jump in with a simple interact with target [assisting me, to target me] keybind.

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    That doesn't work for me.. only 3/5 will get in via that method. It used to work though ages ago.

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    I have it on two pieces.
    First hotkey is to cast hivemind on main character, and second is just a self target hotkey. It's a 1/2 combo, and then just IWT.

    If you have pets, add to that hotkey to dismiss the pets while you cast Hivemind, otherwise you run into the issues mentioned above.

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    Ah I have 3 Hunters in that team

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    Interesting, my Hivemind group has three hunters in it as well and I've never had an issue with their pets. The weirdness with this mount just keeps growing, I swear.

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    As you can see I have a keymap dedicated to mounting and dismounting.

    The hivemind key in the keymap is ALT + SHIFT + Mouse 4. It has to be pressed multiple times, FYI due to the targeting latency with the server. I could make this less of a hassle but for now let's just focus on what it does now.

    It'll first call the targetexact against the FTL target for all others so all others target you specifically.
    Then it'll press 'I' which is my IWT mapped key in the WoW client.
    The last thing it does is call the MOUNT WoW macro in the Quick Setup 42 (you'll need to add this, with a hotkey of Mouse4 or choose another key for the mapped key).

    It looks like this:

    !if(character is in "Mag'har") /cast [nomounted, mod: alt, nomod:shift, nomod:ctrl] Mag'har Direwolf
    !if(character is in "Shadow") /cast [nomounted, mod: alt, nomod:shift, nomod:ctrl] Vicious War Wolf
    !if(character is in "Thunder") /cast [nomounted, mod: alt, nomod:shift, nomod:ctrl] Vicious War Wolf
    !if(character is in "Beast") /cast [nomounted, mod: alt, nomod:shift, nomod:ctrl] Vicious War Wolf
    /cast [nomounted, nomod: alt, nomod: ctrl, mod:shift] Red Flying Cloud
    /cast [nomounted, nomod: shift, nomod: alt, mod:ctrl] Azure Water Strider
    /cast [nomounted, mod: shift, mod: alt, nomod:ctrl] The Hivemind
    /cast [nomounted, mod: shift, mod: alt, mod:ctrl] Obsidian Nightwing
    /dismount [nomod]

    Change the target groups to whatever your group names are, with the mounts you want for each group.
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    i have a simple ISBoxer 2 button setup

    Mount button
    /cast The hivemind "Current"
    /target self "Current"
    Do assist me "Current" (so everyone targets my target which is whatever character im leading with at the time)

    Would love to make it a single button press but the Main will dismount if pressed after mounting, sooo

    Just mash my IWT button and the team will jump on as soon as the mount is ready, and if they are far away they will run to my main and then mount.

    Pretty easy and let's me do this from any character i switch to flawlessly. Be nice to be able to not dismount when the mount is cast though so i could convert it to a single button. Could probably do it with a 2 step macro using "advance after X seconds" but im satisfied atm and in no rush to work it out.
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