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    Default Questions about getting suspended.

    Just got some emails about the suspension of my 3 accounts. I made an appeal where i told them all my addons are from twitch and the only thing non twitch is HotKeyNet. Ticket timer is currently at 5 days so i am waiting for a response. My questions are

    1. My 3 accounts are on 3 separate Bnet accounts. Should i appeal the ban on all 3 of them or just one?
    2. Is there anything else i can do except sit and wait?


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    Kappa: read

    Sidenote to site devs:

    maybe it would be possible to create a popup / mention everytime when you create and/or respond to a post, which says something like: "On this site we do not allow discussions regarding account bans, best "stand still mob farming spots", etc etc"?
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    I have boxed since TBC and I have never been banned or even had a gm contact me. I started with keyclone but have been using Isboxer for a few years now.

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