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    Default Paladin / death knights


    I was inspired by elley with his paladin and four death knights

    Got tired of my druids, they are more or less topped and only have a chance of gear upgrading once a week.

    So I started four new death knights, I have a 120 paladin before, drive through the DK starting zone, invite the paladin use sync party, and now thinking damn I'll clear through the dungeon fast.

    But, my God I feel weak, need to heal like a fool with the paladin and the dps is minimal from the death knights

    What am I doing wrong?.Do you have any good GSE macrons that you use? any other tips? does it get better ? or is it because DK is now lvl 63, the paladin lvl 80?

    What can i do to fix this ?


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    Their damage leveling is pretty weak. I have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel that show the leveling dps and speed as reference. I ended up using a Prot Paladin and 4 Blood Dk as their dps was slightly less than unholy.
    at lvl 90 the dungeon grind was no longer worth it, instead switched to WoD quests outside. I didn’t do the actual questing just ran around and grabbed the bonus objectives. With the leveling bonus it was about half a level almost per objective.
    Legion I did similar. The invasion quests were good and then mixed it in with some questing just to push through. Dungeons again weren’t as good due to lower dps.

    Make sure your using heirlooms.

    Even at 120 they still feel pretty weak DPS wise, but I know they can get stronger just haven’t seen the full potential yet.

    I did a test last night to try and compare.
    Waycrest Manor +8 - 5 druids. Finished in 16 minutes
    Waycrest Manor +7 - Pal/4x DK. Finished in 26 minutes. (This was still a +2 with 12 minutes to spare.)

    The druids are overall still 15-20 ilvls higher and their corruption is a bit stronger. Once the cloak is maxed and I have Twilight Dev on all DK it should tell a much different story as I’m hoping they are somewhat comparable.

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    I would say in general the dungeon grind isn't worth it past 80 or 90. I don't think their damage is particularly weak or strong. It's a solid team in BC. Definitely loom up and run Blood + 3 frost. Bloodx4 doesn't really get rolling until it's geared and I imagine it's weak leveling up.

    I'm running Blood + 3UH + disc priest at 120 right now doing mythic 0s. Definitely not sold on the disc priest just yet but I do like the Holy Nova spam for AoE damage. If I get caught behind though there's not much room for catchup. The team is so ridiculously strong on trash right now. just really have to nail the mechanics.
    Streaming M+ pretty irregularly:
    Hunter Trinity + Paladins
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    I made x2 Prot Pallys and x2 Ret leading from a Holy Pally and they chew through levelling dungeons - it's insane.. if one tank takes a bit too much damage the other tank taunts it off.. using kings on the tanks and wisdom on the healer.

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    Ellay, would you mind sharing what usefull macros and gse you are using on your guys?.


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    I'm wondering, what race is best for this combo. I have some Human DKs and some Worgen DKs left over from Wrath I could level up, or I could just use boosts, get to 390 ilvl right away. And if I'm going to use boosts, any race would work.

    Worgen get a speed boost, that could make dungeon runs quicker, and help move out of gunk on the ground.
    Dwarves get stoneform, which can come in handy for an additional defensive CD. (Dark Iron's version of this seems even better)
    Kul Tiran get a stun/knockback, and a free 2% heal, which I feel would be nice passive bonus for boxing.
    Draenei get a nice 20% of HP heal, which adds up on tanks
    Mechagnome gets a free heal when you get below 20% HP which can help avoid wipes, but I feel like getting that low is dangerous enough.

    I'm stuck between Kul Tiran and Dark Iron.

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