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    Default BFA 8.3 - Targeted Corruptions and Faster Cloak Empowerment

    Blizzard just released a post talking about how they're going to be changing the acquisition of Corruptions, adding additional sources of Echoes of Ny'alotha, and hastening the time it takes to rank-up the legendary cloak by lowering the cost of vessels.

    I understand that a lot of multiboxers don't run much corruption due to it being difficult to deal with, but here are the prices of everything:

    Item Cost (Echoes of Ny'alotha
    Vessel of Horrific Visions 1750
    R3 Essence 2500
    Masterful I 3000
    Siphoner I 4250
    Twilight Devastation I 6250
    Siphoner II 6300
    Ineffable Truth II 6750
    Racing Pulse III 7875
    Echoing Void III 12000
    Twilight Devastation 15000
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    well, guess it's time to farm echoes

    it's nice that we can target them and apply them to whatever item we want.
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    This is going to be epic, excited to see if this helps us push the envelope on difficulty to a higher level.

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    Yeah I suspect with stacking the right corruption we should be able to push keys 2-5 higher than where we're currently sitting. That's my guess anyways. I don't think a +10 would be completely out of sight with a rank 15 cloak and stacked corruption.

    I usually run less than 40 corruption on my teams. I think the melee team it's a bit easier to stack corruption on just because I'm moving them so much most of the time anyways. Anything over 40 and a character can get zerged down pretty quickly.
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    Well seeing solo players doing things like
    50% haste
    50% Twilight Dev tanks with 1million+ health
    Versatility stacking
    and such, things are getting ridiculous.

    I want to try and stack 50%+ Leech on my DH's, and maybe full Infinite Stars on my druids. Still wondering what would be good on the hunters. Is there a cap on range with Marksman hunters mastery? How funny would +50% mastery to all source be on MM.

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    Agreed on all points. It definitely raises the mythic + threshold. My guess is a +15 is doable If really well geared.

    For a melee team it seems like they can handle the corruption a bit better because they are moving. I’ve leaned toward 39 as the max. Where a ranged team anything more than 25 felt too much. So it basically gives an extra 14-15~ corruption as an option.

    The builds that everyone is making are interesting. It feels like the Wild West with all the new builds coming about.

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