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    Default One Melee in PVP Comp? Suggestions please!

    Hi all - currently have four mages and four hunters for both MMMMP and HHHHP comps. Both have their ups and downs, but I've been getting tired of the ranged class grind.

    For PVP, what are the typical comps for including a rogue or warrior? Or is this not viable at all?

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    Druid/4xrogue - stealth
    ShamanPally/4xwarrior - deletion
    5xEnhance - utility + deletion

    Probably going to get kited all day unless you lean on consumables and tricky tricks

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    Default Dwon 5 Paladin PvP

    Saw this one the other day, think its pretty awesome!

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    haha thanks for the suggestions - I was thinking of just incorporating one melee. Not sure if this is viable, but my idea is having a warrior or rogue with priest and 3 hunters or ranged DPS to back it up.

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