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    Default Loss of target when using interact w/ target.

    Hey guys,

    Steering with a healer, and using 4 melee to IWT.
    (ShWWWW if you were interested!)

    Everything is going really smooth except sometimes when I issue a IWT command to my 4 Wars, my Shaman I am steering from will drop target and swap back to a corpse, or just a different target.

    Is this a common issue? Or a conflict exclusive to my setup?

    Any info you guys have would be really appreciated!

    Thanks again!

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    I would check your assists and IWT hotkeys in Isboxer. Trimming it up so that they are on their own hotkeys so there is no overlap seems to help when I've had this situation.
    I have a toggle for IWT and assist because sometimes I do not want it on so you get more added benefit going this route.

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