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    Default Leveling more than 5 chars at the same time?

    I was wanting to level 10 chars at the same time. But Without group xp buff(because I would be in a raid instead of a party) and not being able to complete quests while in a raid, what would be the best way to go about this? Instead of keeping them in a raid group i could keep them in 2 parties and do quests the longer slower way that way(basically doing all quests twice). You can be in a raid group in lower level dungeons i believe but is this worth it at all? Just wondering if this is doable or if one should just level up the first 5 man then the second after they are all max level?

    My goal is to pvp as a bunch of mages. 9 preferably(because i would have one priest just for pve). So I'm looking at 9 mages doing it the harder way leveling vs MMMP if i go the much easier route but in PVP how much more oomph is 9 mages vs 4? 1 arcane explosion broadcast vs 2/3? Just trying to decide here what would be the best path to a bunch of mages killing everyone.

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    There are multiple discussions about mage heavy teams from back when world PVP was an actual focus. Also other discussions on leveling more than 5 characters...

    You can research those for more details if you want but my thoughts in summary are:

    Pretty sure 4 Mages annihilate everything around them already so not sure going with 9 buys you much more. BGs are really the focus now and with no follow in BGs not sure it is worth it now.

    Leveling any size more than 5 is slower than leveling 5. 4MP is likely the fastest 5man team to level. The only thing faster that 4MP would be a skilled Mage booster boosting 4 characters at a time (though you will lose some time swapping characters if you actually needed to do 5 characters to cap with a skilled booster it likely can still beat 4MP solo).

    So in summary if your goal is 10 characters to cap your best approach is 2 5man groups.

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    Cool thanks for the insight. Exactly what I needed to hear

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    Yeah as above - 2x 5-man teams running together.

    IF your questing means you have to do most things twice but with the fact you also kill things 10x faster it balances out.

    I'm not very efficient or strategic and I find I probably level at about 2/3 the pace of a solo player (but I'm doing 10x at the same time) so it's much faster to put up with the pain and caveats of grouping than trying it solo (you will burn out!).

    Pick things up quests are painful, destroy this quest are painful but I find if you just get on with it at least it's not as bad as Classic - one kill drops one quest item, retail each toon in a group gets the loot so you only need 2 kills for one quest item in theory.

    Personally I don't have a tag system - I simply have two leaders, I do the quest/kill/object on my main toon, then I swap to the secondary leader (normally about 30/40% of the objective is already done on the second team of 5x) and simply continue on him until complete.

    Edit: Ignore me - just seen this is Classic and not Retail. GL and have fun, I got to level 18 before I decided it wasn't worth it

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