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    Default Best gold farms for 5men boxing team ?

    Hi All

    After my adventures in classic I started to build my team(s) for Shadowlands, and took advantage of the recent buffs to build out my accounts for the future.

    Currently I have 6 accounts, and two main teams so far
    6x DHs for their AOE farming - I'm thinking to make them tailoring & probably alchemy
    6X Druids for herb and mining - though i am still trying to set up this workstream as i have a lot of issues with camera angels...

    I wanted to ask for advise regarding gold making... I thought the druid team will make a killing with the herb / mining but on my server, Area 52 prices for herbs are so low - even achorweed is around 50g that it feels like it will be a very low profit endeavor even with 6 characters (some herbs are below 1g/each) Actually prices in general are super low in the AH to the point where even most of the 3star crafting recipes are making a loss - though i know this is not unheard of in the last cycles of an expansion

    Can anyone share any good examples of gold farms & team setups you found successful on highly populated servers ? Honestly I am mostly using the gold to buy boosts for my main so i don't need to hassle with pugs...

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    Just playing the game does it for me. Save up your emissaries and do them every 3 days, often they overlap that way and you can complete multiple at a time. I do a few missions for battle scarred runes, weeklies like island expedition for the treasure map, maybe a couple dungeons with an enchanter. It is funner for me if I can mix things up and not actually farm.

    I herb/mine but only while out doing world stuff, I don't specifically farm for it. If you herb/mine from day 1 of the expansion yeah you get rich quick, but now not so much. Same idea with AH flipping, if you haven't gotten rich off of it already its a bit late to start now.

    Edit: Check this out for ideas:
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    If you want to AOE farm - I would pick engineering Loot-A-Rang only need lv. 1 to use
    Eonar - EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    If you want to AOE farm - I would pick engineering Loot-A-Rang only need lv. 1 to use
    Bought this for 1k gold on AD AH (it was going for 15k on Outland!) - Can't believe I didn't have one it's amazing.

    Just need some farm spots now, everything I seem to go to has been fixed (

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    I've been trying some basic raw gold farms for single characters, utilizing LFR for old content. There's 3 NPCs, one each for WoD, Pandaria, and Legion, that let you do the LFR version of old raids, with a quick teleport to each boss. You can do each boss once per week per character. It's one of the highest raw gold farms per hour (plus you get transmog from all the boss gear) and the only limitation is the number of characters you have. I try to do separate instances per character, and line everyone up, and run through multiple toons at once, but often I get out of synch, and just manually run one char at a time, but it's still faster than using a single account. WoD and Pandaria don't require any gear, you will obliterate everything, but Legion does take some more time if you aren't geared.

    Having the loot a rang saves a lot of time, as does Jeeves and MOLL-E to vendor/mail things. If you have a vendor mount that works in some raids too.

    This is something that can be done easily, and you can go afk without worrying about getting killed in case something IRL comes up.

    Other than that, doing world quests is always profitable (for both BFA and Legion if you have the time). And once your reputation gets to exalted, you get paragon loot boxes which can have even more gold, so it's a good idea to just do all of them if you can.

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    Just asking myself to start a new AOE farm team.
    Couldn't 5x Monk be a good AoE farm? Or at least a team with a monk who can place the statue of ox.

    The question would then only be, which other class has a very good AoE, which is multibox friendly.

    Edit: Just realized, this would be a perfect tutorial for botters... so just ignore my post ^^
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    I don't evne farm anymore, I just boost people in 2s for 180k gold per hour
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