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    Default Best gold farms for 5men boxing team ?

    Hi All

    After my adventures in classic I started to build my team(s) for Shadowlands, and took advantage of the recent buffs to build out my accounts for the future.

    Currently I have 6 accounts, and two main teams so far
    6x DHs for their AOE farming - I'm thinking to make them tailoring & probably alchemy
    6X Druids for herb and mining - though i am still trying to set up this workstream as i have a lot of issues with camera angels...

    I wanted to ask for advise regarding gold making... I thought the druid team will make a killing with the herb / mining but on my server, Area 52 prices for herbs are so low - even achorweed is around 50g that it feels like it will be a very low profit endeavor even with 6 characters (some herbs are below 1g/each) Actually prices in general are super low in the AH to the point where even most of the 3star crafting recipes are making a loss - though i know this is not unheard of in the last cycles of an expansion

    Can anyone share any good examples of gold farms & team setups you found successful on highly populated servers ? Honestly I am mostly using the gold to buy boosts for my main so i don't need to hassle with pugs...

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    Just playing the game does it for me. Save up your emissaries and do them every 3 days, often they overlap that way and you can complete multiple at a time. I do a few missions for battle scarred runes, weeklies like island expedition for the treasure map, maybe a couple dungeons with an enchanter. It is funner for me if I can mix things up and not actually farm.

    I herb/mine but only while out doing world stuff, I don't specifically farm for it. If you herb/mine from day 1 of the expansion yeah you get rich quick, but now not so much. Same idea with AH flipping, if you haven't gotten rich off of it already its a bit late to start now.

    Edit: Check this out for ideas:
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    If you want to AOE farm - I would pick engineering Loot-A-Rang only need lv. 1 to use
    Eonar - EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    If you want to AOE farm - I would pick engineering Loot-A-Rang only need lv. 1 to use
    Bought this for 1k gold on AD AH (it was going for 15k on Outland!) - Can't believe I didn't have one it's amazing.

    Just need some farm spots now, everything I seem to go to has been fixed (

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