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    Default Leveling new teams with 100% buff. Quests vs Dungeons

    I'm casually leveling a couple new teams, a group of 5 hunters and a group of 5 druids, and im finding that questing at least from 20-80 is giving more exp per hour. A lot of recommendations suggest dungeon grinding but after these two teams im not finding that to be the case. Questing feels at least 25% faster to me and i havent bothered to find the best routes and zones, i just went through the undead starting area as Vulpura and progressed through that campaign.

    My dungeon team clears pretty fast as 1 tank 4 dps, and i get the bonus random dungeon exp for queuing, but it still feels kinda slow. I saw in a different thread that someone was doing this and stealthing to the bosses, which is likely very quick exp, but if you cant stealth then this only seems viable for a few classes.

    I was actually surprised at how big the exp rewards were for questing. And i found it very boxer friendly, especially compared to classic, as there arent many collection quests that dont share drops. They are actually rare, as in maybe 1:20, and you can identify them easily as they are generally collection quests from objects on the ground rather than from corpses. Some of them are only between 1-5 items so they arent even that bad tbqh.

    Anybody else leveling new teams and having a different experience than me? I dont feel like my dungeon grinding is slow at all, druids burn through them without any issues, but i still feel that if i leveled them through questing it would have been much faster. Even more so with pvp abilities.

    Is there any other methods people are using? I've thought about party sync hi-jinx, but i dont know any methods that involves a group of 5. You need an outsider if i'm not mistaken. Would be great for leveling teams of 4 and using the 5th account to sync and repeat quests. Not sure if quests like the amphitheater(Zul'Drak) and arena quests(Nagrand) are repeatable with party sync, but wow that exp would be good on repeat.
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    I hate questing and can say: speed of lvling depends on what dungeons u running. In my opinion fastest dungeons is low-level's like stockades, ragefire сhasm, deadmines, scarlet monastery etc. They're short and not so deadly as maroudon, rfk or rfd, shattered halls, shadow labyrint and many others that's starts over 37 lvl. My tank is a paladin and after i finished kul-tiras allied race story line i was able to made 20 lvl kul-tiras paladin and tanked by him in synchronized group with 4 other chars (they was in realy varied range: from 41 to 115 lvls) until moment when my tank got ~35 lvl. After that i just deleted him and made new one 20 lvl with same name. I did this about six times already coz i love low-level dungeons!
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    I'm enjoying that multiple methods are comparable rather than being forced into one for efficient leveling.

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    If you can skip all the trash, dungeons are insanely fast until around 75. If you can't skip the trash, then lower level easy dungeons are pretty good and easy, but it's not going to be that much faster than questing, and around 60 it seems like a mixed bag.

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    Reactivated my 4 alt accounts. Leveling a team from 110 -> 120. Initially, I started running them with my Druid main via Party Syncing but I didn't see the Druid getting anything out of it so I dropped the druid until I get the rest to 120. I've done 110 -> 114 all in Zuldasar so far.

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